Hard Market Creates Insurance Concerns

Due in large part to the many natural disasters in the past several years, the insurance industry has shifted from a soft market to a hard market. Generally, a soft market provides wider coverage, lower premiums, and lower credit standards. Today’s hard market, however, involves less coverage, higher prices, and an increase in the required credit standards.

How does this apply to me?

The most obvious way that this shift applies to you is that your insurance prices are likely on an upward slope, and experts expect that trend to continue for the next several years. You may not notice right away, especially if the insurance company is raising rates through the back door – by raising the deductible instead of raising the premiums.

What should I do?

Take a hard, active look at your current insurance situation. If you haven’t already, consider subdividing your insurance policies so you can get the best coverage for each situation. Consider how much you actually need for each insurance type. Are you losing a great deal more because of hail rather than theft? Then you should adjust your insurance plans accordingly. Make your insurance carriers work for your business.

You should also be sure that your insurance company will notify you if there are going to be any changes in your policy. Many policies that the agent may inform you of changes or cancellation of your policy, but that simply isn’t good enough. Iowa law provides some protection for you:

  • 10 days’ notice of cancelation for cause after the first sixty days of the policy
  • 30 days’ notice is required if cancelation is due to the insurer’s loss of reinsurance
  • 45 days’ notice if the insurer intends to refusal renewal of the policy

Seriously consider having your attorney look over your current policy. As a precaution, you should allow an attorney to look over any new policies that you are considering.

New study shows divorce may be harder on men

A study recently published in the Journal of Men’s Health showed that men actually have a harder time following a divorce, opposing the oft-held belief that women take divorces the hardest. According to the study, men were found to be more at risk of having high blood pressure, suffering from a stroke, and developing heart disease, not to mention being nearly 40% more likely to commit suicide.

In response to this study, relationship expert Lewis Denbaum gave three reasons why men are  more likely to have these issues than women after divorce. As Denbaum stated, men “lose their sense of identity, have their paternal instinct challenged, and don’t allow themselves to grieve properly.”

Whether you are a man or woman, older or younger, married for one year or ten years, divorce can be difficult. Our attorneys at Arenson Law Group, PC are prepared to help anyone in Cedar Rapids through this difficult process while protecting their rights and interests. Talk to us at (319) 363-8199 today if you are considering divorce.

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