Iowa demonstrators had hearing on pipeline project issues

Thirty demonstrators were apprehended last month and most appeared in court, charged with trespassing at a central Iowa petroleum pipeline construction site.

Twenty-nine of the protesters pled guilty and quietly accepted their $270 fine, while one pled not guilty and awaits trial. All 30 protesters are environmentalists and members of various action groups. They continued their protest following their September 15 court hearing, which was to catch the attention of President Barack Obama and stop the Dakota Access pipeline. Their claim is that the pipeline not only disturbs Native burial and other cultural sites, but will inevitably poison the water in the area.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe that inhabits the area and other property owners in Iowa have filed a border dispute claim against the project managers.

Counter-protesters and supporters of the project argue that the pipeline has already half completed and an action to stop construction disregards all regulatory processes and will set unfavorable precedents for future infrastructure projects.

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Hearing Scheduled for ChemChina buyout of Syngenta

The U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment has approved ChemChina’s $43 billion buyout of Syngenta.

There will be a hearing in late September between Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley and the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee due to concerns that the mergers are threatening the agricultural input competition.

Grassley cites two reasons for proposing the hearing: “Partly to make sure that justice and federal trade commission does a proper job. Partly if there’s specific concerns about anti-competitive things like we did in the beer merger last December. Try to get some commitments out of the companies. What they’re going to do.“A similar deal is in the works between Dow and DuPont, which means if they are both approved these four companies would control a significant share of the market for seed and chemical products.

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Teenagers who escaped Iowa juvenile detention center caught in Indiana

Two boys who managed to escape an Iowa juvenile detention center on Monday, July 25, 2016 were apprehended the next morning after police located them in Steuben County, Indiana. The boys, 14 and 17, were found after residents  reported suspicious activity on Snow Lake. Reports say the boys hid behind a house before police were called, warranting residents to contact the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office about the suspicious behavior. The two then stole a van and attempted to drive it toward S.R. 120. As police attempted to tail the teenagers, the van veered into a hotel parking lot and collided into a parked car. The escapees then set out on foot, seeking coverage in a wooded area. At this point, additional police and K9 units were called to apprehend the boys.

K9 units tracked the boys near a toll road, where they were arrested on the spot. They were then given to the Probation Department of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office, where local charges have yet to be determined. How the two escaped the Iowa detention center in the first place remains a mystery.

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