Business Lawyer Serving University HeightsIf you’re facing a business dispute and need legal assistance to resolve the issue, contact Arenson Law Group, PC immediately. We could provide the representation you need to handle a problem with an employee, a contact, operations, or another legal matter. This is something you should not face alone. You should have an experienced attorney by your side to guide you through the complicated process and help you overcome any obstacles that get in your way. 

Our University Heights business lawyers have more than three decades of experience handling business matters for our clients in University Heights. We are familiar with state laws and the procedures we must follow to resolve a range of disputes within a company. When faced with the challenging task of protecting your assets, building a new business, or negotiating a contract, the legal team from Arenson Law Group, PC could develop a strategy to meet your needs and try to reach your desired goals. 

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    Cases Arenson Law Group, PC Can Take

    Arenson Law Group, PC handles various business law cases for clients attempting to resolve legal issues and navigate the complexities of the daily operations within a company. We can represent you in any of these matters: 

    • Contract negotiation – Negotiating a contract is necessary during certain business arrangements. Whether it’s between you and an employee, partner, or outside party, you should have an experienced attorney in your corner to negotiate terms that can best meet your needs and contribute to the company’s success. 
    • Professional clinics – We have the knowledge and resources to assist physical therapists, dentists, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals in establishing their clinics. You will receive legal representation and guidance with matters involving partnership agreements, estate planning, and other necessary steps that go into forming a practice. 
    • Equipment leases – Protecting your interests is crucial when leasing equipment to or from another company. We can negotiate the terms of a lease agreement on your behalf, so you have the equipment you need to operate a profitable business.  
    • Non-compete agreements – Whether you want to do business with another company or prevent an employee from working for your competitor, creating an agreement like this could establish expectations, protect your trade secrets, and maintain the best interests of your company. 
    • Business financing – We can help you apply for a loan or review other funding options to grow your business, start a new business, or get you out of financial problems. 
    • Facilities and real property – Selling, leasing, or purchasing real property or facilities require a thorough knowledge of state laws and procedures. Entering into a legally binding contract without understanding the terms could negatively affect the future of your business. 
    • Mergers and acquisitions – When you decide you want to acquire or merge with another company, a range of factors come into play. You need to handle not only the logistical changes but financial aspects as well. You could also face obstacles while transitioning employees, executives, and customers to entirely new or different business practices. 
    • Dissolution/liquidation – It might be time to liquidate or dissolve your company. It’s never an easy decision to make and requires multiple steps to protect your financial and legal interests. An experienced lawyer from Arenson Law Group, PC can walk you through the process, so you don’t leave any loose ends unaddressed. 
    • Contract preparation – Preparing and regulating contracts for your business could provide a safeguard in preventing litigation down the road. It’s critical to develop effective contracts to avoid issues involving the business structure, employee salaries, shareholder relationships, and other business-related matters.  
    • Business formation – One of the most vital parts of starting a business is determining how you structure it. There are many aspects to consider when forming a partnership, limited liability company, or corporation. The business structure you use should make sense for the type of product or service you provide. 
    • Non-disclosure agreements – Your employees should respect trade secrets and company property if they ever decide to leave. A non-disclosure agreement can establish the information you want to protect and the duration of the enforceable contract. 
    • Compensation agreements – Defining the terms of compensation with your employee requires agreeing to the salary or wages your company will pay them. You also have to negotiate any commissions, bonuses, paid time off, and other necessary arrangements in a compensation package. 
    • Business counseling – Sometimes, you might have to bring in an outside party to assist you with significant decisions within your company. Arenson Law Group, PC can counsel you on various topics, such as risk management, legal documentation, business formation, mergers and acquisitions, and more. 
    • Dispute resolution – Resolving a dispute might seem impossible without going to court. However, you face a time-consuming and costly battle. It’s better to settle the issue during mediation, arbitration, or another dispute resolution process so you can put this problem behind you and resume normal business operations. 
    • Operating agreements – If you own and operate a limited liability company (LLC), you could benefit from creating an operating agreement. You could reduce personal liability and establish operational and financial decisions for the interests of your business. 
    • Due diligence – Arenson Law Group, PC can perform due diligence on your behalf to identify and protect you from lawsuits, debt, and other hardships you could face after acquiring or merging with another company. 
    • Employment agreements – An employment contract isn’t entirely necessary since Iowa is an at-will state. However, creating one can protect you and your employees throughout your professional relationship. Outline your employee’s responsibilities, compensation, and other terms, so there’s no question about expectations. 
    • Business collections – Settling a debt, whether your client owes you money or you owe money to a creditor, might involve complicated court proceedings. Arenson Law Group, PC can represent you during the lawsuit to recover outstanding debts and get your finances back on track.  

    If you’re involved in a case involving business law, do not hesitate to contact Arenson Law Group, PC. 

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    Written by James H. Arenson

    Last Updated : March 11, 2024
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