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Even the most talented architects are capable of making mistakes when designing a residential or commercial property. When you hire an architect, you have every reason to trust that their craftsmanship will result in exactly what you originally agreed upon. Unfortunately, a negligent architect can cause a multitude of structural and design defects to your home or business. These design defects can lead to costly repairs and even physically dangerous situations for property owners and their guests. After spending your hard-earned money to have a professional upgrade aspects of your home or business, it is unacceptable to have their work devalue the property and pose a hazard to you and your loved ones.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured or fatally wounded by a structural design flaw, or your home or business has been significantly devalued, you do not have to face the repercussions alone. Arenson Law Group, PC has over 70 years of combined legal experience, and our dedicated team of architect and design flaw lawyers is prepared to handle your case. We understand how difficult it can be to sustain a serious injury in your own home or business, and we will fight tirelessly to hold the responsible party accountable for their negligence. We have the experience and knowledge it takes to identify the cause of the accident, and our firm has the resources you need to conduct an independent investigation that will benefit your claim in court.

We have represented families across Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, and we are ready to fight on your behalf. You owe it to yourself and your family to claim the compensation you deserve, and we can help. At Arenson Law Group, PC, our Cedar Rapids architect and design law attorneys have experience pursuing legal justice against negligent architects. If there was a major flaw in your home or business due to a defect in the design process, do not hesitate to contact our office today. Call us for a consultation at (319) 363-8199, chat with us online, or fill out our contact form here.

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    Why You Need a Lawyer

    Design professionals are expected to be highly qualified to perform their duties because when they make mistakes, serious accidents are likely to occur. As a result, they face a wide range of liability in the event that an accident results in an injury. If you have been injured by an architectural or design flaw, you may be able to claim significant compensation for your financial, physical, and emotional suffering. The only way to ensure your rights are truly protected is by hiring a qualified architect and design lawyer who can review the details of your situation and develop a plan of action. To establish liability, there will need to be clear and compelling evidence that the architect or design company failed to fulfill all of their responsibilities.

    You will need someone who is familiar with the technical and legal aspects of architecture and design flaws, and you want someone who can successfully represent your claim in court. By hiring a qualified attorney, you will be able to pursue the justice that you deserve. You may even be preventing other families from facing a similarly tragic situation. Arenson Law Group, PC is the law firm you can trust to handle this difficult process, and we are eager to hear from you. Contact our team of Cedar Rapids architect and design lawyers by calling (319) 363-8199, chatting with us online, or filling out a contact form so we can get back to you.

    Common Design Flaws

    A negligent architect is capable of designing a significantly flawed building. Some defects in design may be apparent due to leaks, water accumulation, and cracking structure. Others represent more hidden and hazardous conditions, such as the building’s lack of structural integrity. The following design flaws are common when architects are negligent:

    The architect and design law team at Arenson Law Group, PC understands the stress and pressure you may be under while you’re trying to resolve the problems your architect caused. Fortunately, our Cedar Rapids attorneys are prepared to find you the funds you need to finish constructing the property you originally expected. We can file a claim on your behalf and may be able to hold the architect and the design team financially responsible for their mistakes.

    3 Expensive Home Repairs That Others May be Liable for

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Arenson Law Group, PC is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your legal challenges. Do not hesitate to contact our firm by calling (319) 363-8199 to schedule a consultation with a member of our team.

    What can be considered a construction defect?

    Nearly any change that reduces the value of a structure can be recognized by the courts as a defect in design or workmanship. Construction that results in a structural failure and causes a personal injury can be tied back to the architect and the construction company. You may be able to hold them liable with the help of a qualified attorney.

    How can I prove that a design flaw exists?

    The best way to identify architectural or design flaws is by hiring an independent expert who can conduct an investigation and assess the problems with the structure. You do not want to consult with an expert until after you have spoken with an attorney, as this can lead to leaked information and higher expenses. It’s best to have an experienced lawyer work out the logistics for you.

    What if the company is no longer in business or cannot be located?

    An experienced and knowledgeable law firm can help you find the liable party. Even if the company is now bankrupt, their insurance provider is expected to pay the claims that are awarded to you under the company’s insurance policy. The attorneys at Arenson Law Group, PC are here to help you in your time of need.

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    You hired a professional to design your home or business, and now you are now left with an incomplete and defective product. You should not be responsible to pay for the expensive repairs that must be completed to eradicate the problems caused by your architect’s designs. If you are interested in seeking financial compensation from the negligent architect that improperly designed your home or business, contact the experienced architect and design law attorneys at Arenson Law Group, PC, today. We are based in Iowa, but we can help you in Wisconsin or Minnesota. Our team is available to discuss your case or provide more information at (319) 363-8199.

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