Leaning, Sinking, or Collapsing Foundation due to Design Errors in Cedar Rapids

If a leaning, sinking, or collapsing foundation caused your physical injuries or property damage, contact Arenson Law Group, PC name immediately to discuss your legal options with an Architect and Design law attorney. You might be entitled to compensation from the architect, designer, contractor, or another party responsible for a defect or error.

When you purchase a new home or hire someone to construct a building, you expect they know what they’re doing. You assume they will follow safety codes and use the appropriate materials to build the foundation. A sturdy foundation is necessary to keep a house or building standing. Any mistakes made during the construction project could lead to a fatal collapse.

At Arenson Law Group, PC, we understand the cost of repairs can create significant financial burdens and emotional hardships. If you sustained an injury, you need medical treatment to heal. The expenses you incur from a leaning, sinking, or collapsing foundation can place you in crushing debt. You should not be financially responsible for the losses you suffered if another party were entirely at fault.

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    Common Reasons Foundations Sink, Lean, and Collapse

    Commercial and residential properties require solid foundations for buildings and homes. Unfortunately, someone involved in designing or constructing the foundation could make a dangerous error that creates an unstable structure.

    The most common causes of a collapsed, leaning, or sinking foundation include:

    • Inadequate anchorage to the ground
    • Using low-quality materials
    • Resting the foundation at an inadequate depth
    • Defects in the design
    • Violating building and safety codes
    • Poor concrete quality
    • Building the foundation on a slope without using proper reinforcements
    • Failure to supervise the construction of the foundation
    • Building on top of poor soil
    • Cutting labor and material costs at the expense of a sturdy foundation
    • Placing excessive loads on top of a weak foundation
    • Failure to investigate the soil where the construction is taking place
    • Negligent placement of rebar
    • Cracks and damage to the foundation during construction

    This isn’t a complete list of all the reasons for a leaning, collapsing, or sinking foundation. If you suffered property damage or bodily harm, reach out to Arenson Law Group, PC to determine if you have a case to pursue.

    Liability for Poorly Designed and Constructed Foundations

    You can pursue compensation from the person or company at fault for the foundation problems that led to the incident. Multiple parties could be involved, including:

    • Designer
    • Demolition crew
    • General contractor
    • Subcontractor
    • Project manager
    • Manufacturer or supplier of defective equipment and materials
    • Engineer
    • Architect
    • Construction company
    • Surveyor

    Whether you sustained an injury or ended up with damaged personal property, you could file a claim for compensation for your resulting losses.

    Compensation Available for a Defective Foundation

    A collapsing, sinking, or leaning foundation can affect the integrity of a building and even cause significant damage to a person’s home and belongings. If you suffered losses during the incident, you could file a claim against the at-fault party.

    The compensation you receive could cover losses, such as:

    • The difference in the property’s market value before and after the incident
    • Cost to repair damage and complete the construction project
    • Temporary housing expenses
    • Rental value for loss of use of the property due to a breach of contract
    • Attorney’s fees
    • Punitive damages for a breach of contract involving an independent tort or another illegal or wrongful act
    • Expert fees and costs
    • Personal injury caused by the foundation defect

    It’s crucial to hire an experienced lawyer to assist you with your case. You face an uphill battle to prove what happened to you due to another person’s careless behavior.

    Investigating the incident, gathering evidence, and filing a lawsuit in court requires a thorough knowledge of architect and design laws and legal procedures. If you attempt to handle this process alone, you could end up losing your case.

    Statute of Limitations in Iowa

    You must initiate your lawsuit by the statute of limitations if you want to sue the at-fault party for your sinking, collapsed, or leaning foundation resulting in losses. These timeframes differ depending on the legal basis for pursuing legal action.

    • Personal injury – two years
    • Breach of unwritten contract – five years
    • Breach of written contract – ten years
    • Property damage – five years
    • Fraud – five years
    • Improvement to real property – eight years
    • Residential construction – ten years

    The statute of repose allows you to extend the statute of limitations. However, this only applies to certain construction defects, such as negligence and strict liability. The statute begins to run on the date the defect resulted in injury, death, or property damage. Even if the initial statute of limitations expired, you might still have time to file suit, depending on the circumstances of the case.

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    The attorneys of Arenson Law Group, PC have over 70 years of combined legal experience. We have the skills to successfully represent clients dealing with the aftermath of a collapsed foundation. Our team will provide personalized services to meet your needs and create a strategy to reach the best possible outcome in your case.

    We understand how devastating it can be when a design defect displaces you from your home or prevents you from conducting business. You won’t be alone in the fight for justice. We use our available resources to investigate these claims and find a way to prove someone else should be held liable for your losses.

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