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If you are in possession of real estate, it is perfectly natural to feel like you have full control of your property. Ownership confers the sense that we have rights no one else can take away. Whether you bought land yourself or inherited it from someone else, the transfer of property leaves us feeling secure and content. Unfortunately, many people every year who decide to sell their real estate discover that they actually do not have the rights they thought they did. Something in their property’s history or some regulations surrounding the property keeps them from finding a buyer on the market. It can be an unwelcome, startling shock to find out suddenly that your property’s ownership is more legally complex than you assumed.

The title opinions attorneys at Arenson Law Group, PC want to help you obtain peace of mind about the legal status of your property. If you are considering selling your real estate, or even if you just made a property purchase, our experienced legal team can provide you with a title opinion. A title opinion will let you know your complete standing in the law in relation to your property. You’ll be made aware if there are any hidden issues or unanticipated complications.

Why you need a Title Opinion

Having a skilled attorney examine your title and provide an official title opinion before you sell it can set your own worries at rest and make prospective buyers feel better as well. When an attorney writes a title opinion, they thoroughly explore the history and standing of the title to your property. They provide an investigative legal report about the legitimacy of your property sale. An attorney conducting a title examination can:

  • Review previous deeds involving the property
  • Look up other documents that have had a former bearing on your property’s ownership
  • Catalog the affidavits, records, and other documents that were used in the review
  • Consult with prior examiners
  • Determine whether any inconsistencies or inaccuracies in old documents impact the marketability of your title
  • Assess the basic legality of your property ownership standing
  • Look into any existing easements of parties of interest that might have a stake in your property

An experienced attorney can generate a thorough review of your property’s history, locating any potential setbacks or problems that might complicate any future sales or ownership transfers.

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Written by James H. Arenson

Last Updated : December 3, 2021
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