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When you run a business, you can face various challenges. You need to resolve any dispute that arises head-on to avoid ongoing problems that could affect the company’s operations. At Arenson Law Group, PC, our Mount Vernon business lawyers know how to help our clients find the right solution to business problems. Whether you’re having issues with a client, employee, partner, or even another company, you can depend on us to fight for your rights and interests.

Our team 0f attorneys dedicate the necessary time and attention to every case we take. We know state laws and understand what we need to do to get the job done to meet our client’s needs. The future of your business is essential to us. When we meet with you, we will review all aspects of your legal matter and create an effective strategy to achieve your goals. With over three decades of experience handling business law procedures and disputes, you can expect a high level of legal service and representation.

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    Our Practice Areas

    At Arenson Law Group, PC, we know the difficulties that come with owning and operating a business. You want to protect your assets, avoid costly lawsuits, and ensure everything runs smoothly. We represent Mount Vernon clients in a range of business law matters, such as:

    • Equipment leases – Whether you provide equipment to another company or lease equipment necessary to operate your business effectively, Arenson Law Group, PC can assist you with the lease agreement terms.
    • Contract negotiation – Certain business arrangements require negotiating a contract. You should maintain your rights and protect your company’s interests when establishing the terms of the contract.
    • Mergers and acquisitions – Merging with another company or acquiring someone else’s business is a huge undertaking. There are multiple logistical, financial, and legal matters to handle. It would be best to hire an experienced Mount Vernon business lawyer to guide you through the process during this complicated transition.
    • Non-compete agreements – A non-compete agreement can protect trade secrets and manage expectations if you want to enter into a professional relationship with another company or one of your employees quits.
    • Business formation – Determining how you would like to structure your company is vital to your success. Whether you choose to run the business as a limited liability company, corporation, or partnership, you should select the option that makes sense based on the services or products you offer.
    • Dissolution/liquidation – Making the difficult decision to walk away from your business can be overwhelming and create various challenges. It’s critical to seek legal representation to know the steps you need to take on any issues you face while dissolving or liquidating your company.
    • Business financing – Private investments, grants, loans, and other funding options can alleviate financial troubles, open a new business, or expand a current business. Arenson Law Group, PC can help you decide which financing strategy would most benefit your plans.
    • Business collections – Debt is a common problem business owners face. You might need assistance recovering money a client owes you or paying off your debt to a lender. Either way, settling this matter is necessary to avoid long-term financial or legal consequences.
    • Professional clinics – We offer legal guidance and advice to healthcare professionals, such as dentists, optometrists, and chiropractors interested in forming a clinic. Arenson Law Group, PC can help you buy a practice, negotiate contracts, create an estate plan, or another stage in the process, whether you’re an established business owner or just getting started.
    • Contract preparation – Creating and maintaining effective contracts can protect a company from issues in the future. You can establish the terms and procedures regarding employee salaries, the structure of the business, employer responsibilities, and other factors involved in running a business.
    • Business counseling – At Arenson Law Group, PC, we offer legal counseling to help a company plan for the future and deal with problems that arise along the way. We can create a strategy to maintain the success of your business, acquire another company, make major financial decisions, and draft legal documents.
    • Dispute resolution – It’s often better to resolve business disputes during arbitration, settlement conference, or another process to avoid an expensive and drawn-out court case. The Mount Vernon business lawyers of Arenson Law Group, PC work towards a favorable settlement while protecting your rights and interests.
    • Facilities and real property – You want to do what’s best for your company but don’t know whether leasing, selling, or buying facilities or real property makes sense for your finances and professional future. Consult a lawyer to explore the available options and make a decision that positively affects your business.
    • Non-disclosure agreements – You need to protect your company’s trade secrets so a competitor doesn’t profit from your hard work and effort. A non-disclosure agreement is a legal contract to prevent employees from sharing trade secrets if they decide to leave your company for another job.
    • Operating agreements – An operating agreement could be beneficial if you own and operate a limited liability company (LLC). Terms of the contract should outline financial and operational matters and mitigate the risk of personal liability to protect the interests of the business.
    • Due Diligence – If you’re preparing to merge with or acquire a business, you need to do your due diligence to avoid potential problems regarding leases, outstanding debts, litigation, and other business-related matters. Arenson Law Group, PC can investigate all areas of the other company on your behalf so you can move forward with the arrangement.
    • Compensation arrangements – Drafting an agreement with an employee requires negotiating salary, bonuses, perks, paid time off, and various aspects of employment.
    • Employment agreements – Since Iowa is an at-will state, drafting an employment agreement isn’t a requirement under state law. However, it’s still a good idea so you can outline responsibilities, compensation, and additional terms. You can also use the contract to resolve disputes and establish conditions if your employee violates the agreement.

    Arenson Law Group, PC is ready to provide the legal representation you need to take on the responsibility of your business law matter. Contact us immediately if you face any of the scenarios above.

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