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If you are considering drafting a will or are unsure of whether you need one, contact the experienced and compassionate Cedar Rapids estate planning attorneys at Arenson Law Group, PC today. While making decisions about what will happen to your property upon your death can be challenging and frightening, it is essential to take the necessary steps to safeguard your property and ensure it is distributed according to your wishes. The best way to give yourself and your family peace of mind in this regard is to create a will. The compassionate and experienced attorneys at Arenson Law Group, PC are knowledgeable about all aspects of estate law and can walk you through this process. To get started on your will today, or to learn more about the possible benefits, contact us at (319) 363-8199.

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    Why Do I Need an Attorney?

    Trying to understand the laws around wills and estate planning can be complicated. It is not as simple as stating you want your spouse and children to inherit your property. Having an experienced estate planning attorney draft your will can help as they:

    • Know and understand the laws around wills, ensuring that your will is drafted in compliance with Iowa laws and is legally enforceable.
    • Can help you weigh options and come to decisions, such as who you may want to leave in charge of your estate upon your death.
    • Can point out implications and consequences of your property distribution decisions, such as taxes.

    Having an attorney help prepare your will can ensure that your will is legally valid and your wishes are fulfilled.

    Why Choose Us

    At Arenson Law Group, PC, we have been serving clients in the Cedar Rapids area and across Iowa for years. We pride ourselves in the respectful treatment of our clients, giving clients individualized attention and exceeding their expectations. We are also associated with the National Association of Dealer Counsel, as well as the Iowa State Bar Association. In addition to being zealous litigators, our team of experienced attorneys at Arenson Law Group, PC handle a wide variety of transactional legal work, including drafting wills and preparing estate plans. We value our clients and the community we serve, which is why we work so hard to help every person who walks through our door.

    Cases We Handle

    A will is a testamentary instrument that transfers an individual’s property to others in accordance with their wishes upon their death. Failure to draft a will may result in a person’s property being passed on by intestate succession. This means that the property will be divided as stipulated by state law, and some property may be given to individuals that the deceased had not approved. Having a will is important for all people and especially in situations where:

    • There are family heirlooms being passed to the next generation of relatives
    • The client is married
    • The client has children, especially if from more than one marriage
    • The client owns a business or has business interests

    Contrary to popular belief, a will does more than just distribute your property after your death. A will is also important for:

    • Naming an executor of your estate
    • Naming a guardian of children or animals
    • Forgiving debts
    • Specifying what is to be done with your remains.

    A will can also include other provisions, as determined to be necessary by the testator and what is legally acceptable by an attorney.

    Having a will can also help the surviving family and friends process and deal with the death of a loved one more easily. Having a valid will can help so others do not have to make important decisions during an emotional time. When drafting a will, it is prudent to consult with an attorney, so that your will is properly drafted and legally enforceable.

    At Arenson Law Group, PC, we help clients with various types of estate planning and probate issues. As such, we can assist you whether you need to draft a will to ensure that it is legally enforceable or whether you are trying to challenge the validity of a will.

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    The laws revolving around estate planning and wills can be complex. In many instances, decisions a party makes about one object or circumstance can affect some other aspect of the will or can affect an intended beneficiary of the will in an unintended manner. Having a Cedar Rapids estate planning attorney draft your will can help ensure that your wishes are actually met and respected. To learn more about the legal process of making a will or if you are concerned about the validity of a will, contact the caring Cedar Rapids attorneys at Arenson Law Group, PC today by calling (319) 363-8199.

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