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Corporations are a distinct business entity, and as a result must cope with unique issues arising from their business structure. This is particularly true of the legal needs of corporations, which can be particularly complex regardless of their size. Because of the considerable importance that successful resolution of these issues can have on a corporation’s operations, our team of Cedar Rapids corporate lawyers at Arenson Law Group, PC believes it is essential that legal issues be managed by a qualified corporate law attorney.

From starting a corporation and creating the legal documents necessary to having successful professional relationships to handling legal issues as they arise, corporate law encompasses a variety of legalities. As such, having someone well-versed in these areas can be invaluable and make the difference to a company’s overall success.

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    Do I Need an Attorney?

    Corporate law is controlled by a series of complicated laws and regulations. From the outset, corporate formation can be extremely difficult. If you want your corporation to get up and running effectively and economically, you need to make sure that you have followed all the rules regarding formation and organization. With an attorney, you will ensure that your corporation was formed properly so you can get your business up and running without any unforeseen problems cropping up.

    Unfortunately, the corporate law issues only multiply after corporate formation. There are many different laws and rules when it comes to the shareholder voting, the distribution of power within a corporation, the proxy system, shareholder meetings, and board of director regulation. The seasoned attorneys at Arenson Law Group, PC know these laws and regulations, and we will make sure that once your corporation is formed, it will continue running smoothly so you can focus on economic gain and generating a profit.

    Why Choose Arenson Law Group, PC?

    The attorneys at Arenson Law Group, PC have been helping individuals with their corporate law issues for many years. Our staff and attorneys provide individualized advice and legal representation for the way you work and live today. We understand that each client’s interests are different and that each corporation is different. We always keep our clients’ interests first, which means we want to do whatever we can to make sure that their corporations succeed. Our knowledge and skill of corporate law puts our clients and their corporations in the best position to succeed.

    At Arenson Law Group, PC, we pride ourselves in our forward-thinking strategy with all legal issues we face. This forward-thinking approach is very appropriate when it comes to corporate law because we find that successful corporations are also innovative and forward-thinking. With this shared approach, our clients with corporations are effectively served and are given unparalleled legal counsel and advice.

    If you have any questions or issues regarding corporate law, you need the Cedar Rapids corporate law attorneys of Arenson Law Group, PC on your side. Your corporation deserves the best care and attention possible so that it can thrive as well as you have envisioned. Without our help, you may be distracted by legal issues and hurdles that take your focus away from running the corporation. To make sure that you can give your corporation the attention it needs to be financially successful, please contact the forward-looking attorneys of Arenson Law Group, PC today at (319) 363-8199.

    Our Corporate Law Practice Areas

    Corporate Law Attorney In Cedar RapidsCorporate law encompasses a range of different issues, all of which can have significant consequences for the growth and development of the company. In fact, as a corporation, some of the legal issues those in charge will have to deal with include:

    Handling these and other corporate issues in a manner that will be conducive to your company’s success can be difficult without the help and guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Arenson Law Group, PC has been helping individuals with their corporate law questions and problems for years. Our Cedar Rapids corporate law attorneys have the skill and experience you need on your side when it comes to all things related to corporate law. With our help and legal guidance, you will be able to effectively and economically run your corporation without having to worry about the tough legal issues. Please do not hesitate to call the attorneys ofat Arenson Law Group, PC today at (319) 363-8199 so that we can help you with your corporate law questions and concerns. Below we have included a few frequently asked questions and their answers regarding construction law for your review.

    I don’t want to form a corporation, but I do want to start a business. What should I do?

    There are many reasons someone that wants to start a business might decide against forming a corporation. Generally speaking, a person may decide against forming a corporation because of taxation issues. If you do not form a corporation, you may still form one of the following business entities:

    Each of these business entities has different pros and cons. Unfortunately, individuals who want to start a business are frequently unaware of the positives and negatives that each type of business can bring to the table. They also rarely know the legal implications involved with the entity they decide to choose.

    Because business formation is a complicated issue with many legal implications, you need a skilled and experienced attorney on your side that knows all things corporate law. At Arenson Law Group, PC, we will help you with all your formation-related questions, and we will walk you through the process so your business can thrive and proper.

    What are the basics of shareholders’ meetings?

    Shareholders’ meetings are generally held each year to decide on a wide range of corporate matters. At these meetings, shareholders must elect directors to the board and consider other matters appropriate for shareholder attention. The law also gives the power to have special shareholders’ meetings during necessary situations.

    The law requires that, under certain circumstances, shareholders’ meetings must be called, and they must be called by a specified individual. The law also defines the place, time, and notice requirement to hold shareholders’ meetings. These laws are numerous and complex, and it is always best to have the guidance of an experienced corporate law attorney.

    What is a board of directors?

    Directors are individuals elected by shareholders that essentially carry out and create a corporation’s policies and procedures. A group of directors is known as the board of directors for the corporation. The board has most of the corporate power until election time, which is when the shareholders vote on who should be on the board of directors.

    If an individual is elected as a director, they do not automatically become one. They must first accept the office in some fashion. The law suggests that a director has a yearly term, but this can be changed under several legal circumstances.

    Most corporations require a board of directors, but there are some exceptions for “closely-held corporations.” There are no qualifications that board members must have according to the law, but a corporation can define certain qualifications for its directors.

    The law provides that a corporation’s board can consist of one or more individuals. However, choosing the size of the board can have many future implications for the corporation, so you need qualified legal advice when choosing the size of your board of directors. You need to ensure that your board of directors is chosen and ran properly so that your corporation can succeed. To ensure the stability of your board of directors, call the skilled Cedar Rapids corporate law attorneys of Arenson Law Group, PC today at (319) 363-8199.

    Contact a Corporate Lawyer based in Cedar Rapids

    At Arenson Law Group, PC, our legal team has substantial experience dealing with a wide range of corporate legal issues. Our attorneys have advanced business degrees, and we have experience operating in a range of corporate positions, including sitting on the Boards of Directors of several corporations, and one can help you if you’re operating a business out of Wisconsin or Minnesota, as well as Iowa. If you have corporate legal needs in Cedar Rapids, the legal team at Arenson Law Group, PC understands what it takes to help, and we are committed to helping corporate clients resolve all of their legal issues.

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