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The law is involved in many matters of our lives that we never consider until the time is upon us. From starting and managing many types of business to extremely personal matters like major family changes and estate planning, having a guide to walk you through the legal landscape is nearly a must. An attorney from Arenson Law Group, PC understands the complexities of many types of legal landscapes and stays up-to-date with the ever-changing patterns.

The Cedar Rapids lawyers Arenson Law Group, PC has over three decades of legal experience on the team, and we have made it a mission to become one of the most trusted names in Iowa and some surrounding areas. Despite our many years of experience, we are anything but traditional. Not only does this help us stay on the cutting edge of the law, but you’ll also find that we’re state-of-the-art and progressive. We’re affiliated with the Iowa State Bar Association and the National Association of Dealer Counsel.

We love the state of Iowa and the people who live in it. As our home state, we value the privilege of assisting our neighbors and friends. Call us today if you have any questions about the law in your life or business. Our phone number is (319) 363-8199, our attorneys are waiting to work for you.

Why Do I Need An Attorney?

Managing a business, making a significant change to your family, or planning the estate of a loved one are all tasks that are extremely personal, so you’re not alone if you feel uncomfortable with the idea of hiring an attorney to help you along. When it comes to all of these matters, however, there are mountains of paperwork to deal with, not to mention complex legal codes and jargon that most people do not know how to read or navigate without an intimate understanding.

For this, hiring an attorney to help you handle these certain aspects of your life can almost be necessary. They can help you take some of the stress away from the legal situation, allowing you to get back to your life, whether that means taking care of your family or managing your business. An attorney will work for you, seeking out the best possible circumstances for you and being your advocate.

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Today's Law for Today's Clients

Our team is equipped to handle a great number of cases, from family law to business. We believe that our clients deserve an attorney who understands all the ins and outs of their case, to give it the personalized attention it requires. The areas that we have experience in include:

Business Law

Running a business is hard work. Let us take care of your legal needs, so you can focus on what you do best.

Estate Planning

Planning for your loved ones’ futures doesn’t have to be difficult. We can help you throughout the process.

Divorce and Family Law

Family law concerns are extremely sensitive, and our attorneys will give your case the attention it deserves.

In addition to the legal services listed above, the Arenson Law Group, PC, is prepared to handle a variety of Iowa law matters, including:

  • Architect and Design Law: An architect is expected to design their buildings by the codes and regulations for the area. However, whenever an architect works negligently, then the cost can fall on you or your business. Pursuing legal action against the architect may be necessary.
  • Auto Dealer Law: There quite a few legal hurdles to overcome when opening an automobile dealer business. Our attorneys have considerable experience representing and operating these types of businesses.
  • Construction Law: When it comes to your home or business, you expect everything to be built according to standards and building codes. Whenever engineers or construction company cut corners in the building of your property, the burden can fall on you. Our attorneys can help pursue legal action against these negligent companies.
  • Corporate Law: As a different kind of business entity, a corporation must adhere to unique issues that come with their type of structure. As such, legal issues can be more complex than for a typical business.
  • Litigation: When facing any kind of legal action in Cedar Rapids, there are a wide variety of issues and complicated paperwork to take care of. Having the assistance of an experienced attorney can make any legal proceedings smoother.
  • Real Estate: Owning property is a great asset to have for an individual and their family. Unfortunately, there is a lot of regulations and code that dictate the methods of buying, selling, and even using one’s real estate.

If you are seeking help for any of these legal issues, you need an attorney working for you. It is statistically proven that having an attorney streamlines the legal process and has a better chance of providing you with a favorable outcome. If you have any questions or just want to talk through your options, our attorneys are willing to work for you.

Meet Arenson Law Group, PC

With over three decades of experience, our firm has a wide spectrum of practice areas we can work on with you. Our growing team of award-winning attorneys is well equipped to handle your case, regardless of the complexity.

  • James H. Arenson: As the founder of Arenson Law Group, PC, Jim has made it his duty to provide outstanding service to his clients. His first chosen career path was that of a car dealership operator, so he knows where his clients are coming from when they come in with complex questions about their own businesses.
  • James W. Radig: James already had over 20 years of experience when he joined the firm in 2008, making him the ideal senior attorney for our team. His clients find him straightforward and honest, and he appreciates every client's drive to perform well in their own business. His peers rate him highly, and so do his clients.
  • Rebecca A. Feiereisen: As one of our practitioners of Family Law, Rebecca approaches each case with the long-term goal in mind. She is understanding and professionally thorough, and deals with each case passionately.
  • John W. Hofmeyer IV: John boasts the most areas of practice out of our firm's team. His experience in the architectural and construction industries have made John an invaluable asset to our team.
  • Dana A. Judas: Dana focuses on family, juvenile, and criminal law, and she is incredibly well versed in her areas of practice. Since joining Arenson Law Group, PC her clients have voiced their overwhelming gratitude for her terrific work.
  • Michelle L. Arenson: As no stranger to excellent service, Michelle has the adaptability to adhere her outstanding work ethic to the needs and interests of her clients. Her previous experience includes running a major wind energy installation, and her knowledge of complex business matters gives her an advantage in resolving business challenges.

We Take Pride in Our Client Relationships

As an auto dealer, I wouldn’t buy or sell ANYTHING without Jim Arenson on my side.

Craig Ford

Owner/Operator of Pella Motors
Arenson Law Group is very aware of their capabilities and will give you fair and honest direction.

Edward Polaco

Owner of Louis & Associates
Arenson & Maas is a firm that quickly and efficiently gets results.

Don Reese

C.O.O. of Gurley Leep Automotive Management

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

Statistics in Cedar Rapids Law

According to the Small Business Administration, there are approximately 264,617 small businesses in operation throughout the state. This equates to over 600,000 employees—a sixth of the entire population of Iowa—working for a small or local business. At our firm, we understand that small businesses are the lifeblood of this country, and small business owners embody the entrepreneurial spirit that makes our state so great. We have made it our mission to help grow and quell the concerns of these businesses so they can keep that spirit alive.

In a report from 2015 conducted by the National Automobile Dealers Association, there were 16,545 new car dealerships opened nationwide. Iowans were responsible for a sizeable chunk of these, with 295 opening in our state. They reported that Iowa dealerships made over 7.5 billion dollars in the same year. That is over 25 million dollars to each dealership. With our firm's considerable experience in helping car dealerships get on their feet and solve their legal issues, we can only feel proud for them. When businesspeople put in the effort to make their businesses great, we look to help them avoid legal obstacles when they can.

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If you're thinking of opening a business or auto dealership, or settling a family dispute you have, you need to hire an attorney who knows the best course of action. You need an experienced legal professional to guide you through the complexities of law so that you can go on working with peace of mind. At Arenson Law Group, PC, we take on the law so that you don’t have to. Call us today at (319) 363-8199 to have one of our experienced team members walk you through your legal options.

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