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The North Liberty business lawyers of Arenson Law Group, PC have more than 30 years of experience serving local business owners. Our commitment to integrity and intelligent business solutions has allowed our firm to become one of the most trusted names in business law throughout the state of Iowa.

As a dedicated team of local attorneys, we are honored to have the opportunity to assist our neighbors and help our communities flourish. If you are interested in learning more about how we can support your business’ vision, call us today at (319) 363-8199 or contact us online to get started with your initial consultation.

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    Why Do I Need a Business Law Attorney?

    If you’re responsible for managing a business, you’re used to taking charge and getting things done. So, when a legal problem arises, you may wonder whether it’s really necessary to hire an attorney. With plenty of business expenses already on the balance sheet, why not save some money and figure it out yourself?

    There are undoubtedly many legal tasks you can manage on your own. But when it comes to the way certain business law issues are handled, the potential differences between “well done” and “good enough” could have far-reaching repercussions. This includes issues involving things like employee relations, legal compliance, and corporate litigation. For matters like these, it’s best to have a trusted business lawyer in your corner.

    However, a good business attorney can help with much more than just a few critical ad hoc matters. In fact, it’s often better to begin working with a lawyer well before you need urgent legal assistance. By consulting with an attorney early on, you can establish a solid legal framework for your business that can actually prevent certain issues in advance.

    So, whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just preparing to launch, a knowledgeable business attorney can help you solve problems as they arise and avoid common mistakes that could cost you in the future. That way, you can do what you do best and stay focused on growing your business.

    Types of Business Law Cases We Handle

    At Arenson Law Group, PC our North Liberty attorneys have the skills and resources to handle a wide variety of business law matters, including:

    • Auto dealer issues – Our team is deeply familiar with the auto industry, so if you’re facing legal hurdles as an auto dealer, we understand where you’re coming from and know just how to help.
    • Compliance issues – Our experienced business attorneys can help both new and established business owners identify and monitor compliance issues to minimize liability and risk.
    • Construction issues – If you’re in the process of constructing a new building for your business, we can help you ensure everything is up to code and, if necessary, hold negligent contractors accountable for poor-quality work.
    • Contract issues – Comprehensive and effective contracts are an important part of any business structure. We can help you make sure your contracts do exactly what you need them to and respond appropriately to breaches of contract.
    • Corporate law issues – If your business is incorporated, you have unique responsibilities that may not apply to other business structures. We can help you understand these unique complexities and ensure your corporation is in compliance.
    • Estate planning – When you’re preparing your will and other estate planning documents, we can help you detail the preferences you have for what should happen to your business after you die or become incapacitated.
    • Litigation – If you face legal action as a business owner, our knowledgeable attorneys can help you manage all relevant paperwork and shield your business from potential liability.
    • Mergers and acquisitions – If you are thinking about selling your business, acquiring a competitor, or merging with another company, we can guide and advise you through every stage of the process.
    • Real estate issues – Whether you own or rent property for your business, our business lawyers can help you negotiate complex sales or leases. We can also ensure that everything is handled properly with respect to commercial real estate regulations and codes.
    • Starting a new business – If you’re just getting your business off the ground, there are a number of important factors to consider, including choosing the appropriate structure for your company. We can help you select the best structure for your business and avoid potentially costly problems in the future.

    Why Choose Arenson Law Group, PC?

    The business attorneys of Arenson Law Group, PC have more than three decades of experience helping North Liberty business owners achieve their goals. Our team of trusted lawyers is prepared to handle a wide spectrum of business law issues, from creating a new company to negotiating big-ticket sales.

    Our principal attorney, James Arenson, is a 22-year veteran of the auto industry. His extensive experience as a new vehicle dealership owner gives him an insider’s perspective on the unique challenges that come with managing an auto business in Iowa. If you’re an auto dealer yourself, James understands the issues you face and knows how to help you set your business up for success.

    No matter what industry your business is in, you can expect attentive and personalized service from our firm at all times. In fact, when you contact our offices, your call will be automatically routed directly to your lawyer’s desk phone or cell. Whether you have a quick question or a complex concern, you can rest assured it will be handled with care.

    North Liberty Business Statistics

    The following data from the Small Business Administration illustrate just how vital business owners like you are to the Iowa economy:

    • As of 2021, more than 99 percent of all businesses in Iowa were small businesses with fewer than 500 employees
    • Iowa small business owners employed 652,496 workers in 2021, almost half (47.8 percent) of all Iowa employees
    • Between March 2019 and March 2020, 7,911 new businesses opened in the state of Iowa, 7,713 of which (97.5 percent) were small businesses
    • During that time period, newly opened and expanded Iowa businesses added 107,390 jobs to the state economy

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    If you’re a business owner in North Liberty, you need a dependable professional to help you navigate the legal complexities that go along with establishing and operating a company. At Arenson Law Group, PC, our attorneys can manage the legal intricacies of your business so you can focus on your performance with peace of mind.

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