Why You Need Real Estate Lawyer

Buying or selling a home is a major transaction. The entire process is costly, with unexpected fees and expenses occurring far too often. Real estate transactions and the accompanying paperwork can be confusing, especially for first time buyers or sellers. Inconveniences can appear throughout the process of any real estate transaction. If a party backs out of a deal or if you move in only to realize your home has major issues, scrambling to find a good attorney to protect your interests can be stressful and difficult. Securing the assistance of a professional that you trust before hand allows for a much smoother process.

Complex Transactions

Not all real estate transactions are simple and straight forward. Here are some examples of complexities that a lawyer can help you through:

  • Developments – homes in housing developments often have many homeowner’s association rules. If you buy a home that does not comply with the rules, the adjustments can be quite expensive. Lawyers can help you resolve any issues as both a buyer and seller.
  • Ownership issues – individuals who purchase homes with significant others and friends, rather than family members, might face certain problems later. An attorney can help resolve any ownership issues that occur during the selling process, as well as prevent them from happening when making a purchase.
  • Agents – you may experience conflict with your real estate agent, or the agent of the other party, during the transaction. If you doubt their knowledge or experience in a certain area, feel that you are being taking advantage of, or believe that they are taking part in illegal actions, a lawyer can work with you to resolve these issues.

If you are having trouble with other parties during the process of either selling or buying a home, you might consider seeking the legal advice of a legal professional in order to make sure your interests are protected and to prevent unforeseen expenses.

Call An Attorney

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Written by James H. Arenson

Last Updated : October 16, 2023