Roof Defects

Last Updated : April 2, 2024

Moving into a new home or building should be exciting, but architectural defects cause the excitement of relocating to be short-lived far too often. A common architectural defect includes roofing defects, which are not only annoying to handle but extremely expensive. Owners of a new building or home should not have to worry about a roofing flaw due to poor design or construction.

Common Roof Defects

Roof defects occur in a variety of ways, not just leaks. Some common examples of the roof defects you may experience include the following:

  • Roof leaks, usually due to improper installation of moisture barriers
  • Blow off of shingles or other roofing material
  • Water that collects on the roof because the roof is not sloped
  • Roof shrinkage and cracking, especially at the seams
  • Holes or punctures due to foot traffic during construction
  • Improper repairs that either worsen or do not fix the issue

While roofs are subject to damage due to uncontrollable factors such as aging, fires, or fallen trees, the above list of roof defects are often the error of the builders or designers of the roof. If your roof was recently completed and is already experiencing defects, you may deserve compensation to fix the issue.

Contact an Attorney

Roof defects on a newly completed building or home are frustrating and often require expensive repairs. If you are experiencing issues with your new roof, your architect or construction workers may be at fault. To learn more about gaining compensation for your roofing troubles, call the Cedar Rapids roof defects lawyers at the Arenson Law Group, PC at (319) 363-8199.