Three Expensive Home Repairs That Others May be Liable for

When you move into your new home, you begin a fresh and exciting chapter of your life. Homeownership is a major stepping-stone, but with it comes substantial financial commitment. There are countless factors to consider when undertaking a home purchase.

Unfortunately, even the most prudent homebuyers sometimes fall victim to faulty home design. While considering price, location, and layout, you assume that the underlying structure of the house is safe and sound. If the house has major unexpected issues, expensive home repairs are common

Dealing with contractors and property owners is arduous and potentially overwhelming. Parties involved in a home repair frequently fight tooth and nail to avoid liability, often at your expense. They will utilize every legal and bureaucratic tool at their disposal to stick you with the bill. The experienced Cedar Rapids architect and design law attorneys at the Arenson Law Group, PC have decades of experience fighting for your rights and defending your financial well-being. Here are three common expensive home repairs that others may be liable for.

Inhospitable Rooms Due to Solar Heat Gain

For many, windows are a great method of opening your home and connecting with nature. Windows can add an elegant element to your home, but only when designed properly. Homeowners throughout the country are finding that ill-placed windows channel the sun intensely into certain rooms, resulting in overheated and unlivable conditions. The California Supreme Court set a precedent saying in the event of a disrupted living space, the architect is liable for repair.

Deck Collapse

When your deck or porch collapses, your first concerns are for the health and safety of your loved ones. While you are caring for them, hospital bills and damage to your home can place an inordinate amount of stress on your family. Financial compensation may become necessary to heal properly after this tragic, and potentially traumatizing, event.

Flawed Foundation

A sound foundation of your home is crucial to its longevity. Many foundational problems are obvious from the first time you step in your home, but others take more time to notice. If you are facing foundational issues, it is essential to take care of them early, before they become irreparable.

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