An experienced architect or design professional can still make mistakes in a building or structure’s design by incorporating elements that do not meet local, state, or federal safety regulations. A deficient design from a safety perspective costs the property owner money in the form of added expenses to bring the property up to code and lost income or property value. It also puts people at risk of an accident due to safety failures. When you have been affected by property designs that do not meet safety regulations, turn to Arenson Law Group, PC for help.

With decades of combined experience in engineering and design, the attorneys of Arenson Law Group, PC have the knowledge and resources necessary to thoroughly pursue your building or structure design defect claims. Our legal team is made up of forward-thinking attorneys dedicated to pursuing your best interests in your case. With our firm, you will always get to speak with the attorney handling your case when you call us. We believe that our personalized service sets us apart.

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How a Lawyer Can Help When the Designs You Ordered Don’t Meet Safety Regulations

Architects and design professionals are expected to do their jobs with a certain level of workmanship and care. In addition, construction companies are also expected to competently carry out the building plans laid out by the design professionals. When any of these parties are negligent in performing their duties, property owners and innocent people can be put at risk of harm and loss.

If you have suffered injuries or financial losses because of negligent design, an architect and design law attorney can help you recover the compensation you deserve from at-fault parties. An attorney can help you build your legal case by:

  • Offering legal advice with experience in the technical aspects of architecture and building design
  • Collecting evidence and reviewing the details of your case to determine who might be held liable for your expenses and losses and to develop an effective, persuasive case strategy
  • Working with engineering and architectural experts who can help us explain how the design of the building or structure failed to meet required safety regulations
  • Filing your claims with the at-fault parties and insurers and trying to recover compensation for you through settlement if possible
  • Representing your claims in court if needed to pursue a full financial recovery on your behalf

Common Safety Regulations Violated by Design Flaws

Some of the most common safety violations caused by design flaws include:

  • Missing or inadequate fire/carbon monoxide detection or suppression systems
  • Lack of sufficient egress options in the event of a fire
  • Improper grounding of electrical systems, improper electrical junction systems, or improper labeling of circuits and insufficient GFCI receptacles
  • Inadequate building ventilation
  • Improper building framing
  • Missing handrails and railings, or open-ended banisters
  • Improperly secured decking or balconies
  • Insufficient waterproofing of windows, doors, and other entries

Who Can You Hold Liable for Designs That Violate Safety Regulations?

Various parties may have responsibility for building or structure designs that are found to violate safety regulations. Potentially liable parties may include:

  • Architect and design firms
  • General contractors
  • Subcontractors who fail to perform work in accordance with the design or safety requirements
  • Building materials manufacturers, who may have liability for defective materials that violate safety regulations

Demanding Compensation for Unsafe Designs

If you have incurred expenses or losses due to an unsafe design, you may be entitled to recover financial compensation that can cover:

  • Costs of architectural and design services to revise or propose fixes to an initial unsafe design
  • Repair, replacement, or renovation costs to fix inadequate designs that violate safety regulations
  • Legal expenses incurred to address code violations caused by negligent design
  • Financial losses from loss of business and revenue due to loss of use of an unsafe structure
  • Diminution of property value due to unsafe designs of a building or structure
  • Medical expenses incurred to treat injuries from an accident caused by unsafe building design
  • Loss of past, ongoing, and future wages or income due to missed work from injuries
  • Pain and suffering from injuries

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that we get from clients who have been injured by building designs that don’t conform to safety regulations include:

When are design flaws considered a construction defect?

A design flaw that violates safety regulations may be deemed a construction defect if it causes a change that reduces the value of a building. A construction defect can subject an architecture or construction firm to liability for personal injuries sustained when someone is injured because of a design flaw.

How do I prove that a design doesn’t meet safety regulations?

In most cases, you will need expert testimony from an architect or design professional who can review a building’s plans and construction to identify problems. For legal reasons, you should work with an attorney who can retain the required experts to prove your design defect case.

What are my options when the design firm has gone out of business?

Even if you cannot locate a design firm for a structure that you were injured in, or if you find that the firm has gone out of business or has gone bankrupt, you may still be able to recover compensation from the firm’s insurance company, or from the firm’s owners or partners if it has been dissolved. An attorney from Arenson Law Group, PC can help you evaluate your options.

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