Kraft Foods and Heinz enter a $100 billion merger

Kraft Foods has agreed to a $100 billion merger with food company Heinz, making the combined entities the third largest food and beverage group in the country, The Telegraph reporte…

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Acquisition deal pairs Yahoo with video ad company BrightRoll

Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer announced the company’s bid for acquisition of video advertising company BrightRoll, The New York Times reported on November 11. According to …

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Roche to acquire Santaris Pharma for $450 million

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche says it plans to buy Denmark-based biotech company Santaris Pharma for up to $450 million, Reuters reported on August 4. According to the report, Roche announced it would pay Santaris Pharma an initial amou…

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AT&T plans to acquire DirecTV

American multinational telecommunications corporation AT&T has announced its plan to acquire satellite service provider DirecTV, the New York Daily News reported on May 18. AT&T stated that it intends to buy DirecTV for $49 billion…

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Written by James H. Arenson

Last Updated : April 7, 2015