Chris Rock’s ex-wife seeks large amount of $70M assets

Chris Rock’s wife, Malaak Compton-Rock, is seeking a larger portion of her ex’s eight-figure assets to allow her to maintain the lifestyle she had as Rock’s wife, The Daily Mail reported on June 15.

As the ex-couple’s prenup expired, the two are reportedly in a financial battle over how much Compton-Rock should receive.

After getting married in 1996, Compton-Rock gave up her career and became a full-time mom for their two children, Lola Simone, 13, and Zahra, 11. The former couple has already agreed to share custody of the two kids.

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Nick Canon will not receive money from Mariah’s residency deal

Nick Cannon is officially splitting from his ex Mariah Carey, as he filed for a divorce on December 12, the Daily Mail reported on January 17.

Reports allege that the rapper filed his legal documents a week after the two reportedly reached a divorce agreement; the agreement will not include payments from Carey’s upcoming Las Vegas residency deal. The couple, who married in April 2008 and separated in August 2013, share two children, twins Monroe and Morrocan.

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Harold Hamm’s ex turns down nearly $1 billion divorce payment

The ex-wife of oil magnate Harold Hamm, Sue Ann Arnall, turned down a check for $975 million, claiming that her stake is worth more than that, CNNMoney reported on January 7.

Arnall is fighting for more money as she filed an appeal claiming that the oil tycoon’s vast fortune was both because of her efforts and his. Hamm agreed to the payment last November, although he also filed for an appeal, claiming that his fortune had been reduced due to the sharp fall in oil prices.

Harold Hamm is the founder of Continental Resources, a large petroleum liquids producer where Arnall, an attorney, also held executive positions. The couple, who never created a pre-nuptial agreement, were married for 26 years and have two children together.

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