Arenson Law Group, PC, helps with purchase of Ford and Lincoln Dealership

Jim Arenson of Arenson Law Group, PC, is excited to announce that we represented Jim Rydell and Matt Halbur in their purchase of the Ford and Lincoln dealership in Independence, Iowa on July 1, 2015. We are honored to have had the opp…

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CASE UPDATE: Trial Court Limits the Definition of “Oppression” for Minority Shareholders

Last summer, the Iowa Supreme Court decided Baur v. Baur Farms. In that case, the court helped define “oppression” in relation to minority/majority shareholder relationships. Issue 13.4 of the Dealer Law Review pointed out that this case…

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Understanding Sales Performance Measurement: How Average Became the New Minimum

Condensed from the white paper created by economist Ted Stockton of the Fontana Group. This article addresses the familiar topic of sales standards applied to or imposed on dealerships by automotive manufacturers and distributors. The names…

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Written by James H. Arenson

Last Updated : November 22, 2022