Merger between Holcim and Lafarge cemented by FTC approval

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approved the merger of the two biggest cement makers in the world, Swiss-based Holcim Ltd and Paris-based Lafarge S.A., after the two agreed to divest some of its U.S. assets, Reuters reported on May 4.

To win the FTC’s approval of the $25 billion worth of merger deal, Lafarge agreed to sell distribution centers stationed in Louisiana, Minnesota, Tennessee and Wisconsin, as well as a cement plant and a quarry in Iowa. On the other hand, Holcim agreed to sell slag cement facilities located in New Jersey and Chicago, along with terminals located in Illinois and Michigan, among other U.S. states.

Last December, the two companies won the merger approval from the European Union’s antitrust authorities.

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Kraft Foods and Heinz enter a $100 billion merger

Kraft Foods has agreed to a $100 billion merger with food company Heinz, making the combined entities the third largest food and beverage group in the country, The Telegraph reported on March 25.

The merger will bring some of the biggest food and beverage brands under one company, some of which include Heinz Tomato Ketchup and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. The move, which has been master planned by Heinz’ owners Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital, is expected to bring a $28 billion revenue boost. In an interview, Heinz chairman Alex Behring said that by combining the two powerful companies, they will be able to create a stronger platform that will incite massive local and international business growth.

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NXP and Freescale unite in $40 billion merger

Two global semiconductor companies have entered a multi-billion dollar buyout that is expected to reshape the world’s tech industry, KVUE reported on Monday, March 2.

Dutch company NXP Semiconductors acquired Austin-based Freescale Semiconductor Inc. in a buyout worth more than $11 billion. Combined, the two companies are expected to be worth about $40 billion. The deal would also allow the Dutch company to diversify its business portfolio and expand into additional markets, such as the automotive and appliance industries.

Freescale has a large work base of 16,000 employees. Austin economist Angelos Angelou said he is not expecting any lay-offs to occur in its wake.

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