Class action suit against Apple to continue despite lack of plaintiff

Despite a current lack of plaintiffs, a U.S. District Judge ruled that a class-action lawsuit filed against Apple should still continue, The Los Angeles Times reported on December 8.

U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers ordered the lawyers fighting Apple in a class-action antitrust lawsuit to produce another plaintiff after she disqualified their last remaining plaintiff. The class-action suit alleges that the iPods bought from 2006 to 2009 included an update that did not allow music downloaded from competing stores to be played. The case was heard with two witnesses last week, but neither of them could adequately serve as a plaintiff because they had not bought an iPod within the required time period.

The lawsuit alleges that Apple’s iPod created a monopoly that allowed them to overcharge consumers and resellers, causing damages of up to almost $325 million.

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Google, Apple, Intel and Adobe to resume mediation in hiring lawsuit

Silicon Valley giants Google, Apple, Intel, and Adobe have resumed talks with workers in a class action lawsuit over the companies’ hiring practices, Reuters reported on Wednesday, September 3.

Plaintiffs accuse the companies of agreeing to refrain from hiring each other’s valued engineers. Tech workers stated that the alleged agreement has decreased their ability to seek other employment opportunities, thereby limiting their growth and potential to earn.

Last month, a federal judge in California rejected the companies’ move to settle the allegation for $324.5 million, saying that the complainants should be given greater compensation.

A court date to hear the matter is set for September 10.

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Bank of America’s second quarter profit down due to large legal costs

Bank of America’s income last quarter was down 43 percent to $2.3 billion after the company posted $4 billion in legal fees, according to The Boston Globe on July 17.

Bank of America’s hefty legal costs diminished its second quarter profit to a large extent, pulling it down to 19 cents per share, which is far lower than the 29 cents per share that Wall Street analysts had expected. Among the bank’s many litigation-related expenses is a settlement with the American International Group for $650 million, which aimed to resolve mortgage securities claims.

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