Dealing with Crises Attorneys

Any business owner can tell you that crises arise on a regular basis. The only thing predictable about these unexpected problems is they are bound to happen and when you don’t expect them. At some point, your car dealership will probably be struck with a random, unpredictable issue. Of course, the fact that you own your own automotive dealership means that you are prepared to handle the fallout of even seemingly overwhelming disasters. Business leaders are known for dealing with market vacillations, managing teams of employees, and generally fielding every problem the corporate world can throw at them.

However, unanticipated problems can often require legal counsel to solve. While you handle the impact of the crisis on your business, our experienced team of auto dealer law attorneys can tie up loose ends involving insurance applications, state regulations, or property damage assessment. We are prepared to support you at any stage after the crisis. If you are just forming a plan of action or trying to finish up with the issue, our dedicated legal team is ready to help.

Common Crises

Any number of problems can cause damage and disrupt business. Anything that requires your emergency attention while taking time away from your regular work could qualify as a crisis. Some unexpected issues that have impacted car dealerships include:

  • Damage caused by hailstorms
  • Thunderstorms impacting computer systems or other electronics
  • A driver crashes into the cars on your lot
  • An earthquake compromises your business site
  • Severe damage is done by vandals to the cars you are selling

While you make decisions for your business about how best to deal with the day-to-day impact of any of these issues, our lawyers could manage the legal dimension of the crisis. You might even think you don’t have any legal recourse for whatever emergency has affected your dealership. However, you might have rights you are unaware of through your insurance policy or through state laws. If your dealership has been struck by a crisis, you should seek legal counsel to cover all of your options.

How We Can Help

Our experienced auto dealer law attorneys can bring their pragmatism and legal know-all to assist you through whatever crisis you are facing. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle any problem—big or small. At the Arenson Law Group, PC, we are committed to getting your dealership back on track. Call us today at (319) 363-8199 to learn more about your options from a skilled legal professional.

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