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Getting a customer in a new car can be a rewarding experience, but it only takes one person dissatisfied with your business practices to make running your auto dealership much more difficult. Consumers might file complaints against you with consumer protection agencies at the federal or state levels. They could even choose to sue you themselves.

Facing legal action for consumer issues is hard on any small business, auto dealerships included. If you have been accused of a consumer protection violation in Cedar Rapids, Arenson Law Group, PC can help. Our auto dealer lawyers will fight against consumer allegations and increase your chances of success in and out of court.

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    Types of Consumer Allegations against Auto Dealers

    Disgruntled consumers can level a number of different allegations against your dealership. If you are facing legal action for consumer issues, it is important to understand what they are accusing you of doing. Here are some of the most common accusations consumers might make:

    • False or deceptive advertising: Consumers who feel misled by your advertising materials might accuse you of false advertising before or after actually conducting business with you. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates this issue at the federal level. At the state level, the Iowa Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division regulates it.
    • Fraudulent financial practices: Consumers may claim you have fraudulently handled their car payments. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regulates this issue.
    • Failure to disclose damage: If you sell used cars, buyers may claim you hid damage from them while selling a vehicle. The Iowa Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division regulates this issue.
    • False odometer claims: Used car buyers may also accuse you of manipulating vehicles’ odometers to misrepresent their mileage when selling them. The Iowa Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Investigation and Identity Protection regulates this issue.

    Whether the individual or a government agency chooses to sue you, any of these allegations can land your dealership in serious trouble. If a court decides against you or if you are backed into an unfavorable settlement, you could be out an enormous amount of money.

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