Auto Dealership Employment Issues Attorney In Cedar RapidsAn automobile dealership can be a lucrative business for those who choose to run them, but they also host a demanding and complex work environment whose changing landscape often requires special attention. There are many employment issues that require parsing through, such as employee classification and the hiring process. Though these are employment issues that arise in every workplace, navigating these problems within an auto dealership can be confusing because you may not realize that something threatens your business operation until it is too late. From high employee turnover to disgruntled former employees threatening lawsuits, managing the nuances of employment in an auto dealership can be increasingly complicated.

Although the many strictures and labor practices that employers have to abide by can seem overwhelming, you can take measures to protect your business and its employees by enlisting an attorney well-versed in auto dealer law. At Arenson Law Group, PC, our qualified employment issues attorneys can guide you through common employment disputes and ensure your business is shielded from unwarranted legal action.

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    Common Employment Issues in Auto Dealer Law

    There are many federal regulations like the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), American Disabilities Act (ADA), and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that can be forgotten or lost in a fast-paced industry like an auto dealership. As this is the case, obtaining counsel that can protect you from unlawful behavior is invaluable. Common issues that dealers must contend with in the course of business may include:

    • Improperly trained supervisors
    • Failure to address performance problems, disciplinary issues, or termination in a timely manner
    • Time record disputes
    • Overly broad policies or employee agreements
    • Employee classification
    • Hiring and interviewing practices
    • Wage disputes
    • Discrimination and harassment accusations

    Many times, an auto dealer may be making a mistake in managing their employees and not even realize it. For example, delayed action in addressing a report of potential harassment can dampen your business’ credibility and constitute negligence if a lawsuit arises. This is why seeking a knowledgeable auto dealer attorney is pivotal.

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