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One of the most memorable and possibly most important elements of any business is branding. Your company’s name, image, and logo are defining features, which can help make your business stand out to your customers. While brand names may help advertise and sell products, corporate branding sells your company identity. This is an essential part of the car dealership business, as your brand can build name recognition, which may help customers decide between a number of different car dealerships in an area.

Once you have decided on a company brand, the name and image you have chosen become an inherent part of your company, and it is essential to protect their usage. If other companies or individuals start using your brand for their own benefit and without your permission, they are in violation of your right of publicity. The auto dealership publicity issues lawyers at Arenson Law Group, PC understand the importance of your corporate brand and are ready to help you protect it from unlawful usage.

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    Right of Publicity

    The right of publicity protects against unauthorized commercial use of an individual’s identity. Although this right often protects celebrity figures, it may also apply to and protect a company identity that is being used sell or endorse an unauthorized product. The right of publicity has emerged out of the principles of the right to privacy, which protects an individual’s personal information. The extent to which a company’s image is protected by the right of publicity differs between each state. However, elements of a company, which are typically covered under the right of publicity, include:

    • Name
    • Likeness
    • Persona
    • Stories
    • Image
    • Logo
    • Signature

    These elements of a company brand are only protected when used by another entity for commercial gain. First Amendment rights to freedom of speech are still protected under the right of publicity, as a company’s brand may be used in newsworthy articles or reports. This includes content about a company that is informative, considered a public concern or issue, factual, education, or historical material, as well as comedic representations concerning aspects of a company.

    Contact a Cedar Rapids Publicity Issues Lawyer

    If another individual or corporation is using your auto dealerships brand without permission, they may be exploiting your company image by earning money through your hard work. This behavior is not only unacceptable but also illegal. However, you can help put an end to right-of-publicity violations with the help of a publicity issues lawyer at Arenson Law Group, PC. Our lawyers are knowledgeable about right-of-publicity laws, and they are prepared to protect your image and your company from exploitation. To discuss the specifics of your brand and violations of its usage contact us at (319) 363-8199 today.

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    Last Updated : March 8, 2024
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