Cedar Rapids Same-Sex Marriage Dissolution Attorneys

The issue of same-sex marriage has come a long way in just the past year, as it was finally made legal in every state, including New Jersey, in 2015. With the passing of this law, same-sex couples were granted the rights of marriage, including the ability to end a marriage in divorce. Just as with any divorce, the dissolution of a same-sex marriage can be a difficult process to go through, often filled with court proceedings and extensive paperwork.

Fortunately, the Cedar Rapids same-sex marriage dissolution lawyers at Arenson Law Group, PC, have the experience necessary to help same-sex couples resolve their divorces. Our legal team will do everything we can to ensure that you receive excellent legal advice throughout the complex process; our goal is to take the pressure off of you during this difficult time.

Same-Sex Marriage Dissolution Practice Areas

Divorce can create a number of other issues that need to be addressed throughout the proceedings. Our lawyers are prepared to handle a number of issues related to same-sex marriage dissolution, including:

  • Division of Assets
  • Child Custody
  • Division of Property
  • Child Support Responsibilities
  • Alimony or Spousal Support
  • Allegations of Abuse

While divorce is something no married couple ever anticipates at the start of a relationship, retaining the best legal representation possible becomes very important once you make the decision to end your marriage. At Arenson Law Group, PC, our Cedar Rapids same-sex marriage dissolution attorneys are dedicated to helping our clients through the complexities of divorce and addressing any concerns they may have.

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