Liability in a Construction Lawsuit

Last Updated : April 2, 2024

When most people find a design flaw in the architecture of a piece of property, they immediately blame the architect; in reality, a construction defect can happen in many other times during construction and must be investigated thoroughly. When there are issues with a property that necessitate costly repairs, or even cause injury, then a legal case should be made to make the responsible party help compensate for charges incurred by the harmed individual.

Who Might Be Liable

A construction defect can include anything from roof damage to a collapsing foundation. The flaw will either occur during the design phase or during the building phase of the construction of the property. While most cases resolve that the architect is at fault, it is important to recognize the other parties that take part in constructing property. Those who may possibly be liable in a design lawsuit include:

  • Contractors – Under the theory of negligent construction, contractors can be at fault for allowing substandard building practices to occur that damage the property.
  • Property Owner – Sometimes the owner themselves will make decisions that cause the property to be dangerous including failing to purchase any necessary safety barriers.
  • Engineer – An engineer may approve a building plan that does not adhere to safety standards, and thus causes the builders to create an unsafe environment.

It is important to note that multiple parties can be held responsible for a faulty construction project. It is very rare that a construction project happens where only a few contracts are involved. Many people review varying documentation regarding the building of the property, and thus delving deeper into the construction process may help better identify those liable.

Contact a Construction Attorney

If you are suffering damages from a poorly designed or built property, then it is important to consider legal action so that you can work to help recover financially or physically. Our lawyers at Arenson Law Group, PC, have the skills and knowledge to identify the liable party. Contact our Cedar Rapids attorneys to get more information on your case by calling (319) 363-8199 today.