Pros Of A Prenuptial Agreement

Last Updated : April 2, 2024

Before you walk down the aisle, putting all your financial cards on the table beforehand can be a very positive experience for a marriage. Sure, it’s not the most romantic gesture before a wedding to sign a prenuptial agreement, but having an honest discussion about the issue is often a very sensible move.

Benefits of Signing a Prenup

Oftentimes couples may shy away from prenups because it seems like a sign that couples don’t trust one another. Instead of looking at this agreement as a negative thing, you should see it as a responsible decision to make, no matter what your separate financial situation may be. By signing a prenup, you’re each given protections involving:

  • Family ties and family inheritance
  • Any children from a previous marriage
  • Personal / business assets you obtained prior to your marriage
  • If you do get a divorce, you’ll avoid headaches and battles over finances and assets

When discussing a prenuptial agreement, you both want to be honest about your thoughts, feelings, and most importantly, your assets. By making sure you’re both fairly protected, you can start your marriage off on a secure foot.

Contact a Cedar Rapids Family Law Attorney

If your wedding is approaching and you and/or your spouse are thinking about signing a prenuptial agreement, our Cedar Rapids legal team can help guide you through the process. Assigning all of your assets properly can be confusing and overwhelming, but with the help of our legal team the process will be made as seamless as possible. Contact a family law attorney at Arenson Law Group, PC today by calling (319) 363-8199.