Understanding Mediated Divorce

Last Updated : April 2, 2024

In mediated divorces, couples utilize the services of a neutral, court-appointed mediator to help negotiate every aspect of their divorce agreement. Many couples choose to pursue mediated divorce in an effort to both expedite the process and minimize costs. As such, individuals will sometimes not retain legal advice until a final draft of the divorce agreement is reached. Then, the agreement is examined by a legal professional. However, individuals will often retain an attorney to consult with throughout their mediated divorce. In doing so, individuals can feel more comfortable about the fairness of their divorce agreement.

Mediated divorces are highly collaborative between the individuals involved and can be an amicable way to process this life-changing situation. Many people who have reached divorce agreements through mediation reported friendlier relations with their former partners than those who pursued litigated court divorces. Because of the reportedly fewer negative experiences, mediated divorces can be particularly attractive for couples who have children together.

Variables in Mediated Divorce

While many mediated divorces are relatively brief and agreeable, there are a few common variables of utmost importance that influence how the procedure continues. These variables are:

  • Comprehensive agreement on how assets are divided
  • Determination of child custody
  • Willingness to compromise

While mediators can often help resolve any discrepancies that may arise during mediation, it can be useful for some couples to independently consult with lawyers to make the process run more smoothly.

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