Understanding Non-Compete Agreements

Last Updated : April 2, 2024

Non-Compete agreements are designed to protect the interests of a company. Many companies require that employees sign such documents upon hire. Signing a non-compete usually means employees agree not to start a competing business or work for a competitor for a specific period of time after their employment period ends. These contracts prevent employees from aiding your company’s competition. They are cooperative agreements that are best drafted by experienced attorneys with knowledge of the legality of certain issues.

Contents of Non-Compete Agreements

These agreements present a company’s expectations of their employees. Some elements of non-compete agreements include:

  • Date and length of agreement
  • Names, signatures, and addresses of all those involved in the agreement
  • The geographic or type of non-compete agreement
  • Reason for the non-compete agreement

Your attorney may work with you to add in other specific terms to meet your unique needs. Non-compete agreements vary depending on what type of agreement is sought.

Consult with a Cedar Rapids Non-Compete Agreement Attorney

If your business is looking to hire new employees, attorneys at Arenson Law Group, PC can work alongside you to produce an effective non-compete agreement. Keep your company’s interests safe by drafting the strongest possible non-compete agreement. To speak with a non-compete agreement attorney about your company’s specific needs, call our office at (319) 363-8199 today.