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If you are owed child support, Arenson Law Group, PC can help you get it. Courts are the ones that issue child support orders, and they carry the force of law. If the party who owes child support fails to pay, the courts can enforce the order.

If another party owes you child support, there are ways for you to enforce it. You have legal rights, and the Cedar Rapids child support enforcement lawyers at Arenson Law Group, PC will make sure that they are respected. Do not wait and bear the cost of another party’s failure to obey the law. Contact us today at (319) 363-8199 to set up a consultation. We will fight to get you all the child support that you are owed.

Why should I get an attorney?

There are legal options for enforcing child support. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to properly use the legal system, mainly due to how complex it is. Failing to follow the proper procedures can result in the loss of payment owed or even a breach of the law on your part. To make sure you avoid issues you will need someone with the knowledge to guide you through the legal system.

Attorneys dedicate their careers to the study of the law and helping their clients with legal issues. They will make sure that you get the child support that you deserve in a timely fashion. You do not need to take the time and risk of getting your child support on your own. Let your attorney handle that matter for you.

Why should I choose Arenson Law Group, PC to handle my case?

For over 18 years, Arenson Law Group, PC has handled legal issues for thousands of different clients, including for child support cases. We have devoted ourselves to serving our clients and getting them the results that they deserve. We have the experience, knowledge, and devotion to handle the cases brought before us, and we can handle your case as well. If you are having trouble getting the child support that you are owed, we can fight for your right to compensation. Do not wait and put yourself through unnecessary hassle and trouble: call us right away. We will listen to your case and start building a claim for you.

How are child support agreements enforced?

A child support agreement is an enforceable legal order. It carries with it the force of law, and the courts can make people comply with it. However, this is not an automatic process. If you are missing child support payments, you will need to petition the court to enforce them. This is where a lawyer can help.

A lawyer from Arenson Law Group, PC will be able to help you effectively petition the court to start enforcing your child support. There are several methods the court might use to acquire your necessary funds, including:

  • Wage Garnishment: This method involves going directly to the employer of the person who is late in child support payments and having that employer send the money to you. Because this method is applied at the income source, it prevents the responsible party from spending their money on something else.
  • Liens against property: A lien gives the court ownership of a part of a person’s property until the person pays what they owe in child support. In some cases, the court can force the sale of the property to get the payment that is owed.
  • Income Tax Intercepts: The court can seize the paying person’s income tax refund and give it to you to cover your child support.
  • Restrictions: The court can restrict the paying person’s license or passport until they pay their child support, limiting their mobility and preventing them from fleeing the country.
  • Contempt of Court: In extreme situations, you can appeal to the court to hold the paying party in contempt of court, which can result in heavy fines or even jail time.

A child support lawyer from Arenson Law Group, PC can help you craft and present a convincing appeal to the court to ensure you get the child support payments you are owed, through whatever avenue works best.

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Every child support case is unique and should be handled in a personalized way. At Arenson Law Group, PC, we will make sure to build a case to get you the result that you want. We will look at the details of your case and make sure to take the proper actions to serve your interests as best as we can.

If you are owed child support, don’t wait to get the payment you deserve. Contact Arenson Law Group, PC today. We have the knowledge, experience, and dedication to get you the results that you deserve. Call us today at (319) 363-8199 to set up a consultation.

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