Cedar Rapids Conservation Easements and Environmental Issues Lawyers

Being a real estate owner necessarily involves dealing with nature. Even if you’ve purchased a commercial lease or property in an urban environment, environmental concerns might still impact your ownership. Perhaps a treasured city view relies on a lack of development on your property or your land includes territory used by an endangered species. Real estate owners are expected to balance business and personal interests with environmental concerns. This might mean following zoning ordinances and/or restrictions or paying particular kinds of taxes. It might also involve honoring an existing environmental easement or making one yourself.

The real estate lawyers at Arenson Law Group, PC understand that it can be difficult to navigate ecological concerns surrounding your property ownership. That’s why we are committed to giving you a full picture of the environmental concerns facing you and to helping you carry out your vision for your property within the bounds of the law. Whether you want to create and donate a conservation easement or challenge an existing easement on your land, our dedicated legal team is here to assist you.

The Environment and the Law

You might need a lawyer to help you draft or review a conservation easement. A conservation easement is a legally-binding agreement made by a landowner, ensuring that certain rules concerning the environment will always be met by the property’s future owners. Perhaps a landowner wants to protect water quality on the property and sets restrictions on pesticide use. Perhaps they want to limit development on the land within certain parameters. Conservation easements are not one-size-fits-all. They are unique to each property. In addition, they do pass from owner to owner, legally tying new purchasers to the easement restrictions.

You may also need a lawyer to help with other environmental issues on your property. For example, our legal team can help you with:

  • Drafting conservation easements
  • Reviewing or challenging conservation easements
  • Understanding environmental regulations that concern your property
  • Filing legal paperwork involving environmental issues
  • Testing for lead paint, water quality, and other potential dangers before you purchase property

It can be a challenge to deal with conservation easements, environmental regulations from the state or federal government, or simply environmental dangers. A skilled legal professional can help you handle any of these issues.

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