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In day-to-day interactions, property transfers are not very difficult. You can buy new lightbulbs at the hardware store or give a stick of gum to a friend with ease. These miniature business deals involve multiple parties who clearly understand the nature of the transaction. They can sometimes involve the transfer of money. However, when property transfers start to involve big-ticket items like real estate, things can get much more complicated. Multiple parties will still be involved, but the value of the item in question has skyrocketed. State and federal regulations might also affect the nature of the deal. Furthermore, because real estate can last for generations, there is the history of ownership to consider.

We rely on a system of legally binding contracts and documents to solidify the rights of property buyers and sellers. If you are transferring property in any way, you should seek the legal counsel of real estate attorneys who understand deeds and instruments of title. At Arenson Law Group, PC, we are committed to helping you successfully navigate the laws, regulations, and requirements surrounding the legal transfer of property.

What are Deeds and Titles?

Some people assume that a property deed and a title are the same thing. They both relate to ownership, but they are subtly different instruments. The relevant definitions here are:

  • Instrument: In this case, a legal document
  • Deed: Transfers property ownership from one party to another
  • Title: Gives you the actual right to use the property and conveys ownership

Deeds and instruments of title both need to be carefully curated so that your real estate ownership transfer goes as smoothly as possible. The last thing you want to do is make an illegal deal if you are trying to obtain the right to a property or give that right to someone else. When you hire an experienced real estate lawyer to review, write, or help you plan out your deed or instrument of title, you can rest assured that the deal follows the letter of the law. Unanticipated legal issues related to those instruments should not hound you or future owners of your property.

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