Child Custody and New Relationships

Last Updated : April 2, 2024

Divorces can be hard, and divorces involving children can be especially difficult. What many individuals tend to forget while locked in the heat of a nasty contested divorce, is that the goal of separating from your ex is to allow you the opportunity to move on and find a new relationship with someone who will be a more compatible partner. Unfortunately, when there is an ongoing disputed child custody battle, beginning a new relationship can be cause for concern and anxiety. Regardless, if you have been with a new partner for a while and your relationship is steady, a judge may be more inclined to place your child with you. Either way, the important thing to remember is that every custody case is different.

Two Types of Child Custody

Your custody battle will always have a different and unique set of circumstances, but in every case there are only two types of child custody:

  • Physical custody, or the right to have your child live with you.
  • Legal custody, or the right to make the important decisions that affect your child’s upbringing.

Custody agreements are always unique, as they must take into account the needs of the child and the situations and schedules of everyone involved. If you find yourself in a new relationship, your schedule is bound to change in some way or another. However, a steady partner could help the situation significantly by providing additional support.

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