Child Support after Remarriage

Last Updated : April 2, 2024

Divorced spouses often determine child support before either has remarried. Typically, remarriage does not change child support or visitation rights. However, no arrangement is permanent, and some situations warrant the reconsideration of the amount of child support due. Situations that can warrant a change in child support payments include:

Your Ex Remarrying

If your former spouse is engaged, your spousal support may end, but the responsibility to your children remains constant. Even if your ex is remarrying someone financially secure, you must continue to pay the agreed upon amount. If the new marriage is financially strenuous on your ex, he or she is still required to pay the settled amount in child support as well.

Remarriage Changes Circumstances

Changes in circumstances can change financial obligations. Financial obligations due to remarriage commonly change if the stepparent adopts the child. Adoption by a stepparent only happens if you choose to give up parental rights. Parents forfeit their rights most commonly in special conditions, such as prison sentences.

Other circumstances, such as a career change, can lessen or enhance the ability of you or your spouse to provide for your children. If your financial situation changes, a court may agree to shifting the financial responsibilities of either parent.

Contact an Attorney

Remarriage can lead you to reevaluate your ex’s or your own child support payments. Coming to an agreement can be tricky and stressful, so contacting a divorce and family lawyer can prove extremely beneficial. If you are concerned with child support matters, call the Cedar Rapids divorce and family attorneys of Arenson Law Group, PC, at (319) 363-8199.