Cedar Rapids Paternity Attorneys

Determining paternity is important, as this can affect the outcome of child support and child custody trials. As a parent, your primary concern is for the well-being of your child. However, you may be prevented from seeing and supporting your child without the proper paternity determination. If you are wanting to establish paternity, it is important to work with a family law attorney with experience handling these matters. At Arenson Law Group, PC, our Cedar Rapids paternity lawyers are ready to work diligently for you in order to help you work through these issues.

How Paternity is Established

Paternity establishes a legal relationship between a father and his child. The most common ways that the state of Iowa established paternity are the following:

  • Marriage
  • Genetic testing
  • Affidavit or agreement

If you are in need of an experienced paternity attorney as your family transitions during this difficult time, the team at Arenson Law Group, PC, is prepared to defend your rights as a parent.

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