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Ending child support obligations can be a complicated and trying process. While some parents realize they can no longer be married or live together, most still want what is best for their children. Part of that care is providing for their kids’ needs, and under Iowa law, parents have a legal obligation to support their minor child. However, circumstances change and parties may agree to end child support obligations for a number of reasons. Getting an order to terminate child support obligations can be a complicated process. If you are looking to end child support payments, the experienced and dedicated attorneys of Arenson Law Group, PC are here to help.

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Child Support in Iowa

Generally speaking, child support is initially determined during a court proceeding when parties are divorcing or separating. To help trial courts decide the amount of child support to be paid, the Iowa Supreme Court issued the Iowa Child Support Guidelines, which includes a table called the Iowa Schedule of Basic Support Obligations. The table considers the two parents’ monthly incomes, the number of dependents involved, and a few other elements. Based on the guidelines and schedule, the court will determine the total amount of support needed for the children. Each parent will pay a share of the support, and their financial obligation is determined based on income and other factors that court may look at. These other factors include the following:

  • Health/medical needs and expenses of the parties and the child
  • Earning capacity and ability to work
  • Other sources of income, such as inheritances or gifts
  • Any financial assistance or support that is provided to one of the parties in the agreement

By Iowa law, parents must support their minor children up until the age of 18 or 19. Parents may even be required to help their children with some kinds of expenses after the child reaches the age of adulthood.

If a party needs to end their child support obligation, they may request the court or, in some instances, they may go through an administrative process with the Iowa Department of Human Services’ Child Support Recovery Unit (CSRU).

Ending Child Support in Cedar Rapids

Parents want what is best for their children, including ensuring that their needs are met, but in some instances, a parent may not have the capacity to do so or may have already fulfilled their obligations. The need to end child support may arise due to a variety of circumstances, such as the following:

  • The parents, or parties, have reconciled and are living together again
  • The child may have changed residency to live with the other parent
  • The child may be living with a caregiver who does not want child support
  • The child may have reached the age of 18 or was emancipated before the age of 18

No matter the reason for ending child support obligations, the process can be complicated and full of legal intricacies that only a seasoned attorney will understand. Ending child support can happen through a court order or by an administrative process conducted by the CSRU.

A party seeking to end child support obligations by using a court process must file a motion with the court. According to Iowa Code 252A.3, parents have a legal obligation to support their minor children until at least age 18, so there must be a proper showing of why support obligations should be ended.  Some instances in which a court will end the support obligation are when it can be shown that the wrong party was granted paternity or that one party does not have the financial capacity to pay and cannot even support themselves

A party seeking to end child support obligations may also make a request through the Child Support Recovery Unit (CSRU). During this process, the parents must first agree in writing to end support by asking for a suspension of the child support obligation. The request must be to end support for at least one child covered by the order, and it should be noted that ending support to one child does not necessarily mean that it will be ended for all children. In general, the CSRU cannot end a child support obligation unless both parties agree to do so in writing. However, in some instances, the CRSU may end support obligations even if both parties do not agree. The following are some of the reason why the CSRU would end child support obligations:

  • There is no longer a current court order for support
  • Paternity cannot be proven because the child is over 18 years of age
  • The party ordered to pay cannot be located for more than three years
  • The party ordered to pay has the wrong social security number, and the CSRU cannot find the correct one
  • The party ordered to pay is deceased

In cases that the CSRU handles, there are strict procedural guidelines. Although there are circumstances under which child support obligations will be terminated, ending child support can be challenging because parents are generally thought to be liable for their minors needs until at least age 18.

Knowing how to end child support obligations can be confusing and frustrating, even if you have conducted thorough research. You don’t need to burden yourself by going through this process alone. Allow the compassionate team at Arenson Law Group, PC to be your guide.

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