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Our lives are intertwined with the law every day. You might not have realized how you need it until it’s time to remodel your home, buy a new car, or turn the side hustle you started during the quarantine into a new business. When it’s time to make changes in your life and lifestyle, you want to do things right and make sure your rights and your assets are protected.

At Arenson Law Group, PC, we have more than three decades’ experience in business and civil law, and we are ready to help you make the right decisions and choose the legal options you need. Our attorneys are well versed in a broad array of business and commercial law, and our legal team will give you whatever support is needed for your case. If you are in Hiawatha and need a business lawyer, call us at (319) 363-8199, or contact us online for a consultation today.

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    Practice Areas

    Our practice is divided into two broad areas: business and corporate law and family law. If your case must go to trial, our attorneys can oversee litigation in all areas.

    • Business Law. From formation through hiring and contracts, businesses need someone to review their paperwork.
    • Corporate Law. Corporations are entities separate from their boards and shareholders. They are governed by separate laws and regulations. It takes an attorney with knowledge of these laws to assist corporate officers with legal matters.
    • Architect and Design Law. When a building fails, or your home is structurally unsound, do you know how to proceed? The attorneys at Arenson Law Group, PC do. Give us a call if you need to make a claim against the architectural firm.
    • Auto Dealer Law. Auto dealerships are franchises bound by an unusual set of regulations. If you want to get into the auto business, consult one of our attorneys first for guidance.
    • Construction Law. Building disputes, contract negotiation, and product defect law can all be found in a construction lawsuit. We can help you find your way back out.
    • Real Estate. Buying, selling, transferring, questions of ownership, and lease negotiations—we can help with all of these.
    • Family Law. From the first days of marriage through childbirth and estate planning, we can help you and your family protect your rights and assets no matter what the future brings.
    • Litigation. If any of these matters wind up in court, our attorneys are all prepared to go before the judge and defend your rights with zeal and vigor. Never try to take on the legal system alone.

    If you have immediate questions, go ahead and reach out to us now.

    About Our Team

    Arenson Law Group, PC has been a part of Iowa’s business and legal community for more than 30 years. Our attorneys all grew up in the state where they now practice and have deep roots in the Iowa soil. The goal of our firm is to bring progressive legal counsel to our clients, with forward-looking and aggressive representation in all aspects of our business.

    Founder James H. Arenson likes to focus on auto dealership law. Motor vehicle franchise law is a unique area, and he is at the forefront of this niche area of legal practice. Auto dealerships require a special touch, and Mr. Arenson has made it his job to acquire that skill.

    Senior attorney James W. Radig received his bar admission in 1985 and since then has been practicing business and corporate law in Iowa and South Dakota. Mr. Radig is licensed to appear before both state and U.S. District and Appellate courts. When it is time for litigation, Mr. Radig has the experience to take your case all the way.

    John W. Hofmeyer IV brings his knowledge of architecture, construction, and acquisitions law to the firm, giving Arenson Law Group, PC a remarkable breadth in the types of cases we can take. Mr. Hofmeyer began his career as an architect, so he knows the industry from both sides. This gives him a unique insight into the legal aspects of the business.

    Our staff takes the time to get to know you and your case thoroughly when you arrive. We will always have time to answer your questions and handle your concerns. You’ll never feel rushed or disregarded when we manage your case.

    When Do I Need an Attorney?

    The best answer to that question is that you should always consult an attorney if you believe you need one. The real answer is that there is no single right answer. You should consider consulting a legal professional if:

    • You are being asked to sign any type of contract. A contract should contain specific clauses that protect you if the other party fails to deliver. An attorney will know what to look for.
    • You expect to receive money after signing the document. If you are signing any kind of settlement or sales agreement, you should have an attorney review it or negotiate it.
    • The other side has an attorney, and you do not. If the other person has a lawyer, you should have one, too. Even if your attorney only talks to their attorney, you need the extra layer between you and opposing counsel.
    • Your case goes to court. You should never attempt to act as your own attorney. An attorney knows the ins and outs of the court process better than you do and knows how to pursue the best outcome for you.

    Whenever your legal matters go outside your scope of knowledge, you should speak with someone who understands the intricacies of the law. Don’t try to muddle through on your own. Even with the Internet, there are some things that you can’t search for yourself. Court filing deadlines and judge’s preferences are among them.

    Contact Us

    When you are looking for legal help in Hiawatha, IA, or anywhere in the heartland, call Arenson Law Group, PC at (319) 363-8199. We are ready to give you prompt, knowledgeable advice no matter what kind of case you bring us.

    We know the business community in Iowa, and we want to give you the aggressive legal protection you deserve. Whenever you need legal assistance, give us a call or contact us online. The consultation is confidential. Let us help you today.

    Written by James H. Arenson

    Last Updated : March 11, 2024
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