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Starting and running a business today means knowing everything about all aspects of company operations. You also need to know how to keep your business from running afoul of the law by accident. You can find that information in the Iowa Business Corporations Code, but that’s 150 pages of complex instructions about employee contracts, collections, and financing, to the details of incorporation and dissolution. You need help.

Every new business, from the smallest start-up to a corporate spinoff, needs skilled assistance to make sure the venture is on solid, secure, and legal footing. If you operate or are starting a business in Monticello and need a business attorney, Arenson Law Group, PC is here for you. We can answer your legal questions and get you on the right track for business success. Call (319) 363-8199 for a consultation with one of our business lawyers today.

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Practice Areas

There are as many facets to business law as there are businesses themselves. Whatever needs your business has, we have an attorney at Arenson Law Group, PC who can answer your questions and assist you in your legal matters. We have experience with all these types of cases:

Arenson Law Group, PC was founded by James H. Arenson and has become one of the most trusted names in Iowa law. We have an outstanding track record of cases fought in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota and have been a fixture in our state for more than three decades. Whatever your legal needs, Arenson Law Group, PC is here for you- reach out to us today.

About Our Team

Arenson Law Group, PC provides more than solid legal representation to our clients. We also bring some unusual niche practices to our clients, unique areas of law that are not found in every law office.

James H. Arenson has taken the time to delve into auto dealership law. Motor vehicle franchise law has some interesting requirements beyond the usual needs of franchise law, and Mr. Arenson worked in the auto dealer business for more than 22 years, so he understands this specific area of the law.

The central Midwest has always been home to fine architects and their work, and John W. Hofmeyer IV began his own career in that august practice. As an attorney, he practices architecture and construction law, another narrow field that requires knowledge of both sides of the industry.

When business law cases must go to trial, you want an experienced trial lawyer, and we have that with James W. Radig. He has been practicing since 1985 and can appear in both state and federal courts. He has the litigation experience to take a case from trial through appeal if necessary.

Do You Need a Business Attorney?

In these DIY online forms days, it’s tempting to think you don’t need a business lawyer, or any lawyer. Just download a few forms, file them at the nearest courthouse, and away you go. This can be a mistake. Even if your business is very small, you should not attempt to leap into business without having an attorney review your Articles of Incorporation and other documents that must be filed.

The purpose of creating your business entity is to protect your personal assets in case your business goes bankrupt, one of your employees does something illegal, or one of your partners runs away with the bank account. If your documents are not filled out properly and filed correctly, you could find yourself in legal trouble that costs much more than engaging a business attorney would have in the first place.

If you started your business without an attorney, the fact that you’re asking yourself if you need an attorney now is evidence that you probably need one. As businesses grow, their legal issues grow with them, often exponentially. Your business may grow faster than your ability to learn new legal concepts, or you may simply have reached the point where you should consult an attorney.

Business owners should always consider legal advice when any of these issues arise:

  • Lawsuits by former or current employees. Allegations of discriminatory hiring practices, harassment, or sexual abuse should not be handled without an attorney.
  • Regulatory compliance issues. State or federal complaints or investigations can become nightmares for the small to medium business owner. You should have an attorney you can refer phone calls and investigators to.
  • Contract disputes with suppliers or wholesalers. You may particularly need a lawyer if you have had a relationship with these companies in the past. Disputes can become toxic when you try to negotiate them yourself. Let an attorney be the bad guy.
  • Sales, mergers, or dissolutions of your company. Any time your business entity is going to change hands or change its nature in any way, you should have an attorney on your side.

Big corporations have in-house legal departments, and medium-sized corporations have law firms on retainer. Small businesses may not have that luxury, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego the benefits of a business attorney altogether. If you need legal advice, call Arenson Law Group, PC for a consultation. We will give you the same assistance and consideration that the big corporation’s in-house legal team would give them.

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How We Can Help

No matter what your business needs are, we’ve got you covered. If your other legal needs are taking you away from your business, we can help you there too. We are here for every legal need, so that your business and family can thrive.

If you need business law advice in Monticello, IA, or anywhere in the tri-state area, call Arenson Law Group, PC at (319) 363-8199, or reach out to us online. Whatever your legal issues, we can give you the advice and assistance that you need.