Cedar Rapids Child Support Attorneys

The financial support of children is one of the most complicated and important issues to tackle during a divorce. An experienced attorney is an essential ally in the fight to make sure that your children are adequately cared for while protecting your interests.

Since 2000, the family law attorneys at the Arenson Law Group, PC have successfully represented thousands of people in Cedar Rapids and all over the state of Iowa. Over the last 18 years, we have successfully garnered national recognition for our ability to deliver exceptional results to our clients. We have received excellent AV ratings and are members of numerous Bar Associations.

For more than 18 years, Arenson Law Group, PC has grown to become a notable fixture in the Cedar Rapids community. We work hard to protect our clients and their families. If you’re looking for experienced, compassionate legal representation for your child support agreement in Cedar Rapids, contact Arenson Law Group, PC today. Call us at (319) 363-8199 or fill out our email form.

Do I need a child support attorney?

Raising a child comes with a host of responsibilities, both emotionally and financially. We always recommend that single parents seek the assistance and guidance of a skilled family law attorney when looking to create, alter, enforce, or end a child support agreement. Failing to pay child support can lead to severe repercussions in the state of Iowa. A family law attorney will be able to evaluate your child support agreement to understand what the consequences are for being noncompliant with the agreement’s payment arrangements. We know that it can be challenging to communicate with your former spouse. An experienced child support attorney can successfully facilitate communication between partners who are in disagreement with one another.

The legal process can be overwhelming, especially when children are involved. Let us handle the difficult phone calls and negotiations so that you can rest easy knowing that your best interests are being represented.

Why choose Arenson Law Group, PC to handle my case?

When searching for a firm to handle your situations, you may be wondering, who can I trust with the details of my family’s situation? How can I know that my attorney will pursue what is right for my child?

While there are a number of firms to choose from in Cedar Rapids, Arenson Law Group, PC sets itself far above the rest in their dedication to client service, their unparalleled reviews from past clients and their ability to achieve favorable outcomes and verdicts. Below are several qualities that set Arenson Law Group, PC a tier above the rest:

Client satisfaction: We realize that you want to choose a lawyer who can achieve the best results. The attorneys at Arenson Law Group, PC have an incredible track record in a variety of areas of the law, including those relating to child support issues. We also take care to provide our clients with exceptional service throughout the entire legal process. We encourage you to read our testimonials to see what our past clients have to say about our approach to providing legal representation.

Our exceptional team: The attorneys at Arenson Law Group, PC have earned a reputation for the work on behalf of Iowa families. Our firm boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. James “Jim” Arenson has a 4.5 Peer Review Rating of AV® Preeminent™, is a member of the Linn County Bar Association and the American Bar Association amongst several others. James W. Radig has a 4.4 Peer Review Rating of BV® Distinguished™.

At Arenson Law Group, PC, we understand the importance of raising a child in a financially stable environment. Working with a Cedar Rapids child support lawyer can help you achieve the most lucrative child support agreement between you and the other parent of your child. By hiring a Cedar Rapids family law attorney, you can also receive help attaining the agreed upon child support payments in the instance they are not being paid.

Child Support Agreements

In order to help you attain an appropriate child support agreement, our Cedar Rapids child support attorneys can help you understand the following:

The well-being of your family is important, and acquiring the financial stability of a child support agreement can give long-term benefits to your child. Our experienced Cedar Rapids attorneys want to help you find a settlement that will alleviate the stress of raising a child without sufficient financial support.

Child Support FAQs

It’s important that your case moves quickly, so your children are put at as little risk as possible during the process. For your convenience, we’ve provided a few common questions we receive about child support. Reach out to us at (319) 363-8199 if you don’t see all the answers to your questions below.

How does my Social Security Disability status affect my child support payments?

My former spouse is not keeping up with their child support payments. What should I do?

If you are not receiving the child support that your former spouse is required to pay you, there are steps you can take to enforce payment. The courts are very strict about enforcing child support, and under the 1984 Child Support Enforcement Act, district attorneys or state attorneys must help a parent collect the child support they are owed. When a person responsible for paying child support falls behind in their payments, they are considered to be “in arrears.” The payer may be able to ask the judge for a reduction in future payments, but can never get the amount reduced for what they already owe. A child support attorney will be able to assess your situation and provide you with legal options and advice on how to proceed.

How is child support calculated?

The way that child support is calculated varies from state to state. In Iowa, child support is based on both parents’ net income and the number of children. Child support payments will always be greater when the parents share more children. It is also important to note that child support could be different for each child. For example, if one child has physical disabilities or medical problems, the child support will be higher because of the costs that come along with doctor visits, hospital stays, etc. Additionally, child support will increase as children get older and their general expenses increase. It is always wise to have a child support attorney examine your situation and the finances involved in order to best determine the correct amount of child support.

How does remarriage affect child support?

In general, when a parent remarries, this does not affect the amount of child support from a previous marriage or relationship. Child support is calculated typically based on the incomes of the biological parents of a child, so stepparent income rarely has an impact on a child support order. Also, an ex cannot request modification of a child support order solely because you have remarried. For any questions related to child support, it is best to turn to an experienced attorney who can provide you with answers specific to your situation.

Contact a Cedar Rapids Child Support Lawyer

The family attorneys at Arenson Law Group, PC have grown up and lived in Cedar Rapids and the state of Iowa for the majority of their lives. We perceive the residents of this state as much more than just clients; they’re our friends and peers. We also know how difficult a divorce or family dispute can be. We will work diligently with you to ensure that the best interest of your child is kept on the forefront of the family’s mind. Our primary concern is ensuring that child support agreements are enforced and that payments are made in a timely manner. This is why for more than 18 years, our attorneys have worked non-stop to guarantee that our clients leave our firm feeling satisfied and well represented.

Child support is a necessary financial asset to have in order to raise your child under the best circumstances. If you are seeking to claim child support, please contact the Cedar Rapids family law attorneys at Arenson Law Group, PC. You can learn more information about the legal services we provide by calling (319) 363-8199 or by filling out our email form.